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I am doing


I couldn't see her very well from my place in line. But I could hear her voice. Loud and clear. Emphasis on loud.

"How ARE ya today?"

Center Stage: Ridiculously Cheerful Starbucks Lady.

To every customer in front of me, Ridiculously Cheerful Starbucks Lady gave an annoyingly custom-tailored greeting, such as "hi there! So, what are you going to do today?" The elderly man in front of me got this gem. He replied with something about since he's retired, he never really has a daily plan, and Ridiculously Cheerful Starbucks Lady exclaimed how "that sounds great! You always get to do whatever you want!" I wonder what she would have done if he had explained that his day consists mostly of weeding, measuring his blood pressure and taking prescription medication. That's what I would have done if I were in his shoes, even if it weren't true.

Enter Kyla, stage left. I didn't get the chance to say "Pray to God that I never turn into you," which is what I would have said had she given me the same question. Well, okay, so I wouldn't have said that, but my response was nonetheless bland and uninviting. Who was dumb enough to let this lady take coffee orders? My opinion is, people who drink coffee that early in the morning are NOT morning people. They are not bright-eyed nor bushy-tailed until after their dose of caffiene. This lady should be leading an early-morning kickboxing class, not selling coffee to tired, grumpy, sleep-deprived caffiene-seekers.

Screw Starbucks. I'm going local, where the baristas have strange piercings and unnatural colored hair and refreshing attitudes. Fair-trade coffee, you have just won my affections through the heinous deeds of Ridiculously Cheerful Starbucks Lady. Yes, Starbucks, I DO bite my thumb at you, sir! Never again will I drink your corporate-produced excuse for a latte!

Unless, of course, I go there with Manzanita for breakfast. That's a different story.


The music of the day is "Float On" by Modest Mouse. Not that I'm a big fan of theirs, or even know their music all that well. But I was listening to K-Rock Seattle today (something I have recently become addicted to, especially Andy Savage in the mornings), and both times I left the office during the day, that was the song that was playing. I found it strange but probably not an omen because I don't really believe in that sort of thing unless it's a really standout extraordinary thing.

girriffic666: that's right
girriffic666: the man wont keep me down
girriffic666: ill fight him w/ love n crap
girriffic666: and stealing
girriffic666: hahahaha
this weekend was extremely... "geil". I got to go to Manzanita's apartment up in Seattle, and we had a blast.

Hmm. Relatively short post. More later.