I have the best boyfriend in the world.


I wanted to post this as soon as its author, my neighbor Tihomira, gave it to me. But I never got it, so here it is, a birthday wish from exactly a month ago:

I wish you to go to a place where you are nothing and everything
that exists between here and nowhere.
I wish you to find a place
where the sky opens to your prayers.
Where you can hold the intangible
and let go of the pain with all your might.
I want to give you a present-
a place where you're suspended in ecstasy
a beautiful... a beautiful...
Five minutes ago I walked out the door of my building. I was surprised to feel on my face a very slight mist, almost undetectible, but refreshing and almost soothing. I don't have the words to describe it. I'm just glad I got to experience it...

... that's what I get for taking the cardboard out to the Altpapier dumpster.

And that, folks, is my glorious return to the world of blogging. Off to see the Chronicles of Narnia in Stuttgart now. So... bye.