drowning in skooooooooooool

got the day off today. it's been nice. went to coffee with Andrea nice and early, got some schoolwork done, bought 2 shirts for 2 dollars, went to the farmer's market, saw a coworker I hadn't seen for a while and heard some good news. am now cooking pork roast and cleaning my room (the second part is debatable). waiting for dad to call me back. tonight is kevin's 21st birthday party, and it's at my house. don't gotta go anywhere, the party's coming to me. sweet.

all in all, a rather nice day. am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. or to school on monday. but that's how it goes.

sorry the video below is gone due to copyright. it was pretty funny... you can probably find it on the original website somewhere if you didn't get the chance to see it.


I need to get my drink on

This video is super-awesome. Give it a watch: