Back from the Bay Area

And it was wonderful.

I'll add some more stories on here soon when I get a chance. Yesterday coming back was one of the weirdest days I've had, ever. A lot of funny things happened that make for great tales, and I'm hoping to share them all with you in the near future. But of course, life goes on in the interim, and I have lots to do in the next days. Tomorrow will be spend having a grand old time, since I have, oh, let's see, FIVE different events scheduled. FIVE. All with different people or groups of people. Should be a good time. Busy, but good.

Thursday will be spent mostly at work, which I did not expect. But that will allow me to have Friday off, and that shall be most excellent, as it will allow me to *hopefully* get my butt down to Oly and hang out with my family.

and THEN I will work every day from Saturday until Wednesday, 4:30 to midnight. Oh, the joys of a menial summer job. Sigh.

Next weekend I will hopefully pop up to Vancouver to see my German host father, who is going there on a business trip and will be staying for two weeks. The Bob Saget show is also that weekend, on a Friday, and I am REALLY excited for that.

Wow, so much to do. I love SUMMER!