wondertone03: I like to be a grammar Nazi as well
wondertone03: although I suppose I'm....
wondertone03: what's one level below nazi?
wondertone03: a grammar White Supremicist?


today is the longest day ever. Good that I skipped math in favor of an extra hour of sleep. It's days like these that I love my iPod more than ever.

Friday night was a fun night of running around having fun and party-hopping with about 12 other people. It was a semi-cohesive group of UW kids, plus a few CHS people from WWU and USC, and I felt like I was finally hanging out with a real, solid UW social group. Does that make any sense? It just felt right, and fun, and enjoyable. And aside from the 12-block walk to what turned out to be a non-existant party, it was well worth the time spent.

Well, in a 1/2 hour I get to spend 3 hours in lab. I switched to a later section, so now my labs on Wednesdays and Fridays are from 4:30 to 7:20, instead of starting at 1:30. It's nice to have the break, though, and there are other benefits:
- I can work more hours in the Parking Services office = more money
- If I'm not in the office, I'm not burning daylight
- my TA is cooler/nicer than the last one
- there are about 1/2 as many people in this section (9 including me, as opposed to 18 in the last)
- more time to prepare for lab or go home and get my lab stuff

The only real drawback is that I can't play basketball on Wednesday nights at 6:50 anymore. But that really is the only con to the situation.

My study-abroad app is due this week. Better get that in. YAY for leaving the country for a year!!!

Okay, time is running down. time for a snack before lab.