i'm in Illinois right now, chillin with relatives. leave a message after the tone.

Seriously, though - I have my cell phone. So you can still call me. Yes.

My little cousin Eddie says "ha" when he means "yeah" or "yes". And the rest of his speech is quite hard to interpret. I swear he speaks Japanese, and a really cute version of it at that. And his sister Emma really likes my grilled cheese. She looked up at me with wide eyes when I suggested it for lunch and said, "you can COOK?" hehe... I'm old enough to cook, but young enough to play. That's why babysitters are so loved and adored...

We have a family reunion this weekend at Mark Twain Lake. Should be full of visiting with people I've never met. Maybe I'll meet a guy.

HAHAHAHAHA I love redneck jokes.

This post is deteriorating in quality (how can the quality deteriorate when it wasn't any good to begin with?), so I'm signing off. Adios!