I've decided I might not write my paper for the German bio class, meaning I won't get a grade, because I think I'll get credits for choir. And that rocks! So since I finally have a day off from work tomorrow (woo!), I'll have to seek out an adviser and make them transfer my grades so my scholarship goes through.

Working at Trader Joe's started out pretty stressful, but I think it's going good now. Today was the first day that everything went completely smoothly, which is to say that, unlike at least one of the other days, I did not minorly hurt myself, make a big mistake, let a shelf get too empty before I restocked it, or drop anything. Also, I felt like I was getting along better with my co-workers than before, and I can answer a lot more questions from customers. So things are good. Now, if I can only get it to where I'm working 3 shifts a week, and not 5. That will be a lot nicer.

Trader Joe's is generally a cool place to work, because the people who work there are mostly young too, and the customers tend to be really awesome as well. We carry a lot of strange items that you can't find anywhere else, so we attract this weird mix of hippies buying organic/vegan products, young college-age people buying cheap booze and ethnic foods, and yuppies buying expensive cheese, wine, and trail mix. I think my favorite is the first group, because they always wear cool clothes and have neat hairstyles, and they bring their own cloth bags and help you bag their groceries. Because of working at Trader Joe's, and also because of being in Germany for a year, I think it's really dumb when people just stand there while you bag their food. They've got nothing else to do, so why not help? Seriously, it helps everything move a lot faster. I know it's my job, not theirs, but... I still think it's dumb. The Germans do it right!

Wow, a blog can get really boring when all you have to talk about is work. Let's see, what else do I have...

Emily came up this weekend to visit. She had studied abroad in Tuebingen with us last year, and goes to school in Oregon. She and Ronda had worked it out so that she could stay in Ronda's room for two nights and hang out with us. So Friday night, Ronda and I picked her up from the train station, and after dropping her stuff off at the house, we went to the Mix and got some ice cream right before they closed. Then we went on campus and sat in the Quad, eating said ice cream. It was delicious. Then after work yesterday, we hung out with some friends at our house and played Cranium and drank PBR. It was quite pleasant. Jeff and made a few runs to some other parties on our block. We couldn't find the host at the first one, and since he was the only person we knew there, we left and went to the neighbor's to the left of my house, since they are awesome and there is always something going on at their place. Sure enough, people were in there talking about deconstructionism or something, so we sat and talked for a bit, then went to bed.

Wow, all this work stuff doesn't leave a whole lot of time for other stuff. Better watch out for that...

Time to study!