I think that when I move back to the States, I will be unable to live without sparkly water and high-quality beer. I am frightened of what the future holds.


Go Seahawks! Won't be watching the game, but I'm with you in spirit.

Also, sad that I missed the release party of the Senate's new EP, These Cold Winds. If you are in Seattle and like good music, you should do everything within your power to purchase a copy of this fantastic first album from a fantastic local band. More info here.

::Edit:: Ended up watching the game at Joker, the only bar in our student village. Quite lucky, actually, that they chose to show it. Seahawks gave a good run in spite of biased refs, but they should have been able to take more advantage of the fact that Roethlisberg is an asshat. Now it's almost 5 AM, and I have to go get some sleep. But I think staying up this late was well worth it. :)