I'm still here. Just haven't posted much.

Things are going okay. The new quarter is in its second week, and I have two midterms next week (!!!). Work is fine, too; our reviews are next week and I'll probably get a raise again. Which means more motivation to stay on, even though I am growing tired of the work. I was pulled aside by a manager yesterday for some "training", which is a little late, considering I'm in my 7th month of working for TJ's. We basically went through a checklist of stuff that I knew by the 3rd week. And he gave me a few pointers on how to improve my overall score at my review, like buffing up on product knowledge and finishing work quickly so I can help the managers more by asking for another task. This all sounds like brown-nosing to me, and I won't do it. Besides, I already got the maximum raise last time. I must be doing something right.

In other news, my skin is driving me crazy. I need to go to a doctor. Self-medication isn't doing the trick. I wonder if I'm allergic to something? Dairy? Wheat?

Niko is back from California, and I think he's actually at my house right now. He leaves for Germany tomorrow. :( So I'm going to go welcome him back, and hang out with him, and make an omelette, and probably do some schoolwork.