What comes to mind today
is where I was before
sitting lonely trying to stay so drunk
waiting for somebody to leave open some door
Tuesday came and left as quickly as expected
I didn't notice that I needed it to stay
you know sometimes I need to be neglected
sometimes love looks good in gray
I believe
somewhere there's a vision in the dark
and I can't say
unless there's someone there with a spark
to keep me lighted up

oh Gabriel Mann, how I love you.

the OC was good tonight, you should watch it.


I went on a hike to the Olympic National Rainforest this weekend. It was really, really cool and I can't think of a better way I could have spent my time. (Except I prolly shoulda done some homework.) many valuable things were learned this weekend:
- UW owns random things you wouldn't necessarily know about. For example, a Olympic Natural Resource Center which is a really nice facility with both dorms and apartments out in Forks, Washington, which is quite underused. Yet it is still connected to UW ethernet and satellite, and is much nicer than the actual dorms on campus. If I could only find a nice summer job over there...
- It is hard to buy breakfast materials for 7 people, get everyone to equally contribute, and find food that everyone will eat. But yet people don't seem to mind giving money to a beer fund. Go figure.
- Asian Santas are rare, but if you find one, he gives you a dollar bill.
- Hand warmers are AWESOME.
- There is life without iPod.
- Four species of tree live on the peninsula: Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Western Cedar, and Western Hemlock (our state tree).
- Girls have a 2nd dessert stomach that allow them to eat 2 dessert mints and possibly a bite of fried ice cream while leaving one tiny bite of burrito on the plate because it "won't fit".
- When attempting to watch a movie on a computer, it would help if said computer had speakers.
- The kindness of fellow human beings is not to be overlooked. Often, it may go unreciprocated, but by all means it must be passed on to the next generations...
- Steve Trudell is my new hero.

That's all I got for now. It really was a great trip. It's always nice to do this sort of thing; it makes me really ambitious to go on more trips this summer, and it opens my eyes to possibilities in life that I never I think about while I'm immersed in my school work at the UW.

Well, one thing I didn't get around to this weekend was a shower, and it's about high time, I believe. Then dinner, and homework. Back to the daily grind...