About that time, eh, chaps?


Who wants to go to Bodies with me?


Tonight, to unwind from work, I sat in Ronda's room and chatted with her once I got back a few minutes after midnight. As sometimes comes up in our conversations, we each expressed how much we missed Tuebingen. Then two other related things came up that surprised me and made me reflect a little:

1. Ronda said that she got the impression that the Kyla I am in the US isn't the same as the Kyla I was in Germany. Kind of a weird observation, we felt; as Ronda remarked, I'm still the same person, obviously. But I agreed, in a way: circumstances were different there, and I reacted to them differently. I had less to do, and as a result I got more sleep and did less activities than I ever did in the US. It was a year of rest, and a year of fun. And here in Seattle - I don't know, I guess I'm just more stressed, busy, and sleep-deprived. I wonder, if I go back to Germany, can I get that relaxed lifestyle back? Would it work? I think I'd like it better than this daily frenzy that I'm currently a part of.

2. We couldn't believe we'd spent a whole year in Germany. This has come up before. The year really flew by, so of course it felt shorter than it really was. But sometimes I think back on it, and it seems like a distant dream that never really happened. And in a way, it is a dream, because I will never be able to recreate the experience I had in Tuebingen. My room is gone, most of my friends are gone... Tuebingen is still there, but it's not the same, and never will be.

I can't wait to get back there, or go do something else besides school and work. Only one quarter and already I'm bored. What's next? I need to start planning my next great adventure...

...which is, by the way, the way I'd like to view the rest of my life. A series of great adventures, the next each picked out because it's something exciting and amazing that I want to do before I die. Yes, a series of great adventures is exactly what I want to do with my life.