hmm. at work. very bored. boss is out of office for lunch and my job is to "answer phones". one call in the last hour. i am also listening to my iPod, which Jo does not like. she hasn't ever caught me yet, so i'm not sure what her wrath on that issue is like, but rest assured it wouldn't be good to have her come back from lunch and see me with headphones in. "don't worry, the volume is down really low so I can hear if the phone rings." that might not fly.

mmm, i have peanut M&Ms ready for me to eat if I get hungry/bored. I'm not really hungry... but I sure am bored.

what's been up the last few days... lemme see. Not a whole lot, really... i planned to go to bed early last night so that I could get up and have a lot of energy for kickboxing this morning. of course, that didn't happen... i took a long nap from 7 to 10 last night, and then got up and studied biology in the library for a good 3 hours. Then I could have been in bed by 1:30, but i spent a half-hour updating my chem lab notebook. So it was 2, and then my roommate and a friend of hers from down the hall took a break from their architecture project to come chat in our room. The three of us got into a discussion about gay marriage, which was good, and enlightening, and engaging, like any good informed argument. but by the time they left again it was 3:15 and I only got 5 hours of sleep. thank goodness for coffee. well, and plus, we had a sub for kickboxing this morning, so the exercise wasn't as strenuous as usual, which kinda made me mad... i felt like i wasted my time by going down there. but rest assured, it will be back up to its usual level of butt-kicking awesomeness when Elizabeth comes back on Tuesday.

speaking of chem lab, Ashley and I ran into my TA Steve today after chem class. Steve is quite possibly the coolest lab TA ever, and he and Ashley and I had fun last quarter in lab together. now that Ash can't take organic lab this quarter, i'm the one who gets to talk to steve bi-weekly, and Ashley usually only gets to hear the stories. Which is why running into him today was such a momentous occasion, because she never sees him anymore. It's really a shame that she can't take lab; it's really fun with all three of us there. Granted, I wasn't as efficient last quarter in lab for that very reason. But this quarter is super fun because of the unknown determinations. (do I sound like a dork for saying that?) No, but it's really true: we have access to all these chemicals, and 3 hours to just play with them. I could spend an entire lab period creating a series of small explosions in my chem hood and no one would say a word. Of course, i have to determine the structure of my unknown at some point in all of that, but my unknowns have been delightful - moderately challenging, but easy enough that it only takes about 7 tests to figure out exactly which substance is my unknown. plus they make good derivitaves. i hope writing all this down doesn't jinx me...

my unknowns have been named Apu, Han Solo, and Ralph. (when I got that last one from Steve, all I had to say was "Tastes like burning!" in a high-pitched voice. He knew immediately what unknown i had chosen, and gave it to me. it's a solid. boo.)

in other news: i've called jeff twice in the last week. i'm going home this weekend to work at Dad's new office. it would be a good idea to call the Languths at some point, since i have a calling card at the moment. i've been eating healthier than normal and it makes me feel good about myself.

boss is back. time to work!


AAH!!! They are showing Captain Planet on Wednesday in Mary Gates room 258 from 4:30 to 6:30!!!!!

I will SO be there from 5 to 6. :)