We still have a chance!!


You've got to be kidding me.

Good thing that guy moved away from Germany, because doing what he's doing in America would be considered a punishible offense on German soil.

What have I been doing lately, you ask? After finishing all my schoolwork, going to all but one of my classes, and a fun but short surprise visit from Rick, I've been chilling today and watching soccer. There was the added bonus of the annual Tuebingen Punting Races, which had a huge turnout and ended up being really fun to watch, even if they didn't last very long. And as for soccer - the World Cup madness continues to hold all of Europe in its iron grip, and Germany, being the host country for the event, is hit especially hard. The fall of Poland to Germany triggered a night-long celebration that pulsed through the streets of Tuebingen (and most every other German city, I must imagine), with lots of broken class and people cheering at each other. A popular chant was "Ihr koennt nach Hause geh'n", meaning "Might as well go home!", directed at the Polish team right after Germany scored the only goal of the game in overtime. Despite all of this (or perhaps because of it, because of all the drunk people in the streets), there were no night busses, so Ronda, Jeff and I walked from the French Quarter up the hill to WHO, which took about 80 minutes. No harm done, though - it was a good night.

Today is a holiday, so theoretically I'd have time to fill you on our Penecost Break trip to Prague. But, I think I'll turn on the England vs. Trinidad/Tobago game and maybe take a nap.



A week off in Prague and Berlin made for a great, fun trip, but OH MY GOODNESS the stress! I have a 3-page paper to write and two presentations to give in the next two days, all the while trying to cram in a choir rehearsal, the US vs. the Czech Republic World Cup soccer game, Spanish class, and two other classes! This is probably the most work I've had to do all semester, and thanks to my big week-long break, I'm cramming it into 48 hours. Wonderful.

So if you don't hear from me until Thursday, you'll know why. It'll be non-stop until Wednesday night, when the German team plays Poland and hopefully kicks their butt. Hopefully after that, I'll have time to sit down and tell you all about my weeklong trip over Pentecost Break.

(Pentecost Break? for a whole week? What kind of school do I go to???)