The weekend came and went quickly, as weekends are prone to do. It was a good one, though, since we had Friday off. That enabled me to drive to Western with 4 other CHS grads to visit more of our old high school buddies. This ended up being the highlight of my weekend for a few good reasons:

1. I saw old friends, including old blogger buddy Rowan. We hadn't seen each other for a few years, and we had been good friends in the last two years of high school. So our reunion was nothing short of spectacular. Being able to pick up where you left off is always an indicator of a great friendship.

2. We all went to 80's night at a bar in downtown Bellevue, and

3. We danced to 80's music in our 80's clothing for 3 1/2 hours straight.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. Sadly, we had to leave at 10 the next morning because people had to work in Seattle the next day.

Friday I basically wasted by hanging out at home, making one outing to see the Borat movie. The Borat movie is hilarious and I recommend that everybody see it. I especially like the naked wrestling scene because it is sheer genius.

Saturday I worked for parking for the football game. It was the last one of the season, so we stuck around for a bit afterwards and ate some food that people brought, and asked each other if we were working next season. My reply? "I'll think about it." The best part of working that day for me was at the end, when one girl, who we'll call "Ann", was telling our supervisor the problems she had encountered that day. Ann and I have been working parking on and off for about 3 years (she might have an extra year on me). I for one do not take parking to be a hugely serious job, so I have fun out there, chatting with the customers and joking with my co-workers. Ann, however, approaches this job a bit differently, and reflected it as she told our supervisor about the most outrageous thing that had happened that day:

"This lady was driving a white Mazda and raced out of our exit. I don't know where she came from, but somebody must have made her mad, because she flipped us all off! All six of us!"

A few of us were standing around. One guy (a big fellow who has also been around since the season I started) chuckled and said, "You shoulda thrown that one right back at her."

I laughed, and jokingly agreed, "Haha, yeah! I so woulda done that."

But Ann did not see the humor in this. She looked at me and said, without an ounce of humor in her voice: "That would not reflect well on the university."

Is she serious? I thought incredulously. There was no way. But as I stared back at her in disbelief, I realized that Ann was not joking, and that she truly believed that if I had seen this rude woman commit her little act, I would have turned around and shown the lady some fire power of my own.

"It was a joke," I said in a tone that was probably more condescending than it needed to be. "I would never do that." And it's true, I wouldn't. But I can certainly joke about it, which is more than I can say for Ann.

Alright, enough about my weekend. I have to go eat and then study for a quiz. After that, I'll go think of ways to celebrate my birthday on Friday...

Oh yeah. Happy birthday to Ashley and me! 20 and 22 (respectively). I was greeted this morning by Ashley, who burst into my room and woke me by pounching on me. She presented me with a gift wrapped in what she referred to as a "bunny hat". To me, it looked like a crunchy white cellophane-like spherical mass with bunny ears protruding from it. I asked if it was really a hat. Her reply? "I wore it on my head once."

It was a great start to my day. Love you, Ashley darling. Have a wonderful birthday.

Edit: I forgot to mention that on Saturday night, Jeff and I went to Die Bierstube to check it out. Result: nice place, great German beer, definitely going back.