Regarding my post from the 20th: I've found my solutions.

I just steal the digital pictures taken by others. ;)
Here's some more links to yesterday's madness, including a great cover photo in today's Daily. Andy's in the forground, and my friend Ashley is behind him on the right. Boing Boing covered two different accounts of it (account 1; account 2). Many people blogged, live journaled, and photogalleried the event (here and here and here and here). I was at the table most of the time, helping people make their own aluminum brain wave protection hats and folding the never-ending stream of new flyers that ended up being quite a hit. Looking at some of these pictures, you might think that I wasn't even there. But I was... oh, how I was.

If I get bored again, I'll post my own series of pictures.


today was the day we staged a mock-demonstration for LaRouche. It was fantastic. Donning aluminum foil hats to deflect government mind control and armed with brochures proving nothing but the fictitiousness that was our rally, we set up camp right next to the REAL LaRouchies. Chanting "RaLouche in 2007", we began to support our cause of ridiculing the LaRouche supporters in earnest. What great madness ensued.... People we didn't know were coming to our table, making tin foil hats, and sometimes even joining in the fray. The LaRouchies were confused at first, then started to try and argue against us, then decided it was hopeless and made tin foil hats for themselves as well. Our sloganed cardboard signs included such gems as "Dick Cheney Eats Kittens; Stop the Insanity!", "Global Warming is Literally Melting the Economy", "Children of Santa IV", "Does The Government Limit Your Right To Hold Cat Orgies for the Purpose of Gambling?" "Wyoming DOES NOT EXIST! Stop the Lies!", "Bush is Responsible for the Decline of Gary Coleman's Career" "The Government is Trying to Control Your Mind: Stop Using Toasters!".... you get the drift.

All in all, it was a success, and I missed my math class for it. Time well spent, I assure you.

Here's my article "Dick Cheney and You" from the pamplet titled "STOP THE INSANITY: A Warding Off the Government And Other Instruments of Pure Evil Using Only Simple, Easy-To-Use Household Products":

"The claim that Dick Cheney is an immoral shape-shifting reptile is completely logical and has multitudes of evidence to prove its validity. One not need do his or her own research on this matter, because that runs the risk of said person discovering that this supposed evidence does not, in all truth, actually exist. Indeed, all one has to do is compare the photos on this page. There is a clear resemblance between the slimy, creepy, fork-tongued creature and the snake. Can you see it? [note: at this point in the article, there were pictures, but I didn't want to put them on the blog for fear they were copyrighted. if you care, you can see them here and here.]

This undeniable evidence clearly proofs that LaRouche’s points about Dick Cheney are valid in every way possible. So do the right thing: use your vote in 2008 to put LaRouche in the Oval Office. Or hell - vote for him next year. LaRouche in 2005!"