Now's the time. It's 11:30 pm, I don't feel like doing anything. I want to just go to bed.

That's where you come in. ready to just chill out and talk until I fall asleep for 10 minutes and then wake up thinking that no time has passed. That's what I would like to do right now.

I guess I lied when I said I don't feel like doing anything.
i'm wondering if i can't just be who i think i am. maybe the person i think i am is not really who i am. who am i?

many times i do things just because i think people will find it more pleasant, or more attractive. this is dumb. but it's also necessary to function in society. so what's the more important contributor to overall happiness? accepting yourself, or adjusting your behavior so society accepts you too?

i talked to many different people at andy's tonight, many of whom i did not know before i got there. I swear, i was different with each new conversation. i smiled a lot more during some, i made eye contact more often during others. my voice got higher or lower depending on the other person's energy. In one, we talked about evolution as an event facilitated by an intelligent omniscient being, and in the other we talked about the O.C. and i refrained from making any sort of witty comment. overall, i hardly disagreed with any statement made. there was a lot of grinning, a lot of nodding.

what is wrong with me?


oh noes!!
Somebody has figured out that our dryers in mccarty give us 80 minutes if you push the button twice in rapid succession. now they are down to 60. (at least the one I was using tonight.) THE HORROR.

My roommate and I went to the orientation for working at Teen Feed, the local homeless youth dinner program. It was called Homelessness 101. I think we were both impressed with how much we learned about being on the streets. I mean, much of it was obvious, like horrible home lives, drug abuse, mental problems, rebellion, rejection - all of those things. But then again, a few things I never thought of. For instance, the issue with getting an ID. I mean, if you lose your ID or get it stolen, and you have no proof of who you are, there are all these complications that arise. You can't get a job, a loan, sign a lease, open a bank account, or even be admitted to a majority of shelters, due to the BECCA bill. It can take 6 to 10 months to get all the documentation necessary to get the state to furnish you with an ID card. And after that - trying to get a job when you have little idea what day it even is, or you have to bring in your bag with all you own in it with you, or you haven't showered for a while (at least not since you and your friends scraped together enough money to sleep in a Motel 6 room for a night, quite the luxury).

There's also a video, "Kids on the Ave". It's quite a good documentary from 1996. Check it out, all of you.

Next post, I will talk about the awesome Dane Cook show that I saw on Monday night.

back to the laundry.


Shins tickets go on sale tomorrow. BUY THEM. They are only $15, or so I've been told.

Does anyone else like the show Arrested Development? I don't. but then again, I only saw it once. Maybe I didn't give it a fighting chance.

I called Jeff last night at 3 AM, which was cool because it was noon over in Germany. It was good to talk to him and catch up on what's happened since we last talked on Wednesday before he flew out. It was also nice to hear him speak German before he got to the telephone - I hadn't heard much German from his lips before and it makes me more confident that he will do well in school there. However, I did hear from his dad that his mom overheard him not using "please" and not using the formal form of "you" when addressing strangers. So Jeff, when you read this (and I know you will): bitte siezten Sie. :)

Okay, it's back to the homework. Some bio reading, some German homework. But always lots and lots of fun. Right?