I once dated a guy in high school. A few friends of mine likened his style of dating to Schroedinger's Cat. The analogy, as they explained it to me, was this: Schroedinger had a cat in a box, along with a radioactive isotope of unknown half-life. As soon as the isotope decomposed, the cat would die. The thing is, you wouldn't know if the cat was dead or not until you opened the box. So, until the box was opened, the cat was both dead AND alive.

As soon as I heard this, I realized that this was perfect for the guy I was seeing. Nobody but he and sometimes the girls he was interested in knew who he was dating at any certain point. And if you weren't one of those elite few, it appeared that he was dating all of them, all of the time.

Don't know why I chose to write about that today. Just seemed like it was time.


Liebe Kyla, wir freuen uns Ihnen sagen zu können, dass Sie an der Universität Ihrer ersten Wahl - Tübingen - studieren werden und vom Stuttgarter Club betreut werden.

Yay! This means that I for sure have the scholarship for Germany, and that I'll be at my institution of choice in Tuebingen. Rah!

Sie erhalten vom Verband eine Bahncard 50 zusätzlich zum Stipendium. Außerdem trägt der Verband die Kosten für die Seminare (eine kleine Eigenbeteiligung wird abgezogen).

I also get a train ticket, and they'll pay most of the seminar costs in Berlin. :)

Anyway, I have to go now. but I thought I should update, since it's been a few days.


lochnessrockster: i just wish my home town had its own beer

that's right. Oly REPRESENT!