Wow, today was a long day! Kara, Jeff and I went to Freiburg today for a day trip. We left at 8.30 from Tuebingen Main Station and didn't get back again until 9.30 at night. Not to let this post get boring, but Freiburg was very nice. The old city was pretty, they had these cute little streams running through the city, and the Munster was an elaborate church much like every church in Europe.

I also went to a goodbye party in the French Quarter that was sweet. Met a lot of people, had some fun conversations, and got back late. So now I'm watching an episode of Scrubs before I go to bed. Tomorrow includes a trip to the gym and singing at a church service at St. Johannes with my choir. Yay!


Weird. Today I talked to Addy on Instant Messenger. She just left Germany yesterday and is now back in Denver. It's like talking to someone a whole world away, when they should be three dorms away from you. Crazy.

Addy's departure marks the beginning of the end. She's the first of all the Americans to go back. Her leaving makes me dread my own imminent departure. And it's sad.

Well, better go back to enjoying the last weeks of Tuebingen life. Today there's a few festivals in town, and tonight there's a concert put on by the international choir. Time to go have fun!


I somehow love this Podcast: Ask a Ninja.

That's the simplest way to explain it. We are a factory that produces apple pies for whales. I look forward to feeding you apple pies soon!

I believe that you are Ninja, too.


Once again, the Italians have won and have crushed my hopes and dreams.

And now they're celebrating by taking off their pants. On live television. Still on the playing field. What the heck?

Isn't it funny how 3rd place is a happier place to be than 2nd place? I'm pretty sure there will be no reveling in the streets tonight in France like there was last night in Germany.

At least Zidane went out like a true bad-ass. Last game of his career, and he goes out by head-butting Matarazzi, or however you spell his name. He head-butted him. In the chest. And he was stealthy enough that the ref didn't see it. But the Italians complained, and he got the red card.

The French were supposed to be the victors in this final World Cup game. Not the Italians. Not the Italians.

Not the Italians.
Things I like today:

This picture

This show:

This composer (and his work, Ave Maris Stella)

And finally, this quote:
Adulthood is the ever-shrinking period between childhood and old age. It is the apparent aim of modern industrial societies to reduce this period to a minimum. -Thomas Szasz(1920- )