weirdest thing today... I got back a math quiz that I hadn't done the homework for, or in any other way had studied for, other than attending quiz section and listening to the TA talk about the homework for 40 minutes before the quiz. I thought I had done horribly, which would have made sense, because I didn't actually know anything for it, and that was okay because I already had 9's and 10's on every quiz except for one, and I can drop two, and this quiz was the last, so I could drop it. But lo and behold, I get the quiz back today and I have full credit on it! 10 points! So my grade was brought up one more point and I didn't put any time or effort into it. I don't remember the last time that happened.

In other news, the chem midterm went okay today. Now I get the rest of the week off from any real homework, and I can hopefully use my free time to beat this cold that has got me down. Also, this weekend I'm going to outline exactly what I need to do next week so that I can study efficiently for finals. Then it's off to LA with me!

Oh, and if you read this by 7 PM tonight and you go to UW, please come to Off The Ave's first public performance tonight. Ian's Domain @ 7 PM. It will be some fabulous a cappella...


I love it when a not-so-good week is turned into a rather nice one by the mere postponment of a due date for a lab report.


Perhaps I should use this time to clean my room. Maybe shower? Or, I could work on the scarf. Hmm yes, let's go with the scarf.

Oh wait, chem midterm tomorrow. WHY ARE THERE MIDTERMS IN THE 9TH WEEK OF A 10 WEEK QUARTER?!?!?!?!


hoo boy. This week will surely be a long one. I keep thinking that the next week won't be so bad, and then it turns out that there are multitudes of things to be done, and I can only get through it by just trying to convince myself that it will all be better soon, and that i can rest on the weekend. But that doesn't happen either, and then it's full-throttle on to the next week.

Since I'm on a break right now from work, I should probably do something more constructive than blog. Say, maybe write up a regrade request for my o-chem exam in a futile effort to get more points. I feel like Cher from Clueless, bartering for a better grade. But hey, everyone in my class does it. So why not me?