today's topic: House Parties.

1. Never throw a party half an hour after the conclusion of a major nationally-broadcast political debate, unless you are certain that everybody in attendance is of the same political persuasion. Doing otherwise promotes arguments, unnecessary feelings of apathy and the occasional death threat in a language that the other party can't understand.

2. House parties can be boring at first. Thus, you should make sure to arrive more than fashionably late.

3. When the large hoard of Russians shows up, make sure one of the hosts is aware of the situation. Also, remind him/her whose name, exactly, is on the lease.

4. Music of some sort is a must. Lest your house party have a dull moment, take every measure possible to get some tunes blasting through your pad. Yo. (This could require you to assemble a small contigent to help a friend carry his 5-piece stereo over from his house, 2 blocks away.)

5. Having two chess boards out is generally not the way to "get the party started right". It's excusable at the very beginning of the evening, especially if no one shows up until 10:30.

Any more questions? Just ask. I probably won't answer.


and this.... this is a tribute to the tr00ness that is Jeff. Hi-YA! Posted by Hello

My sister is the cutest thing in the ENTIRE WORLD. Well, maybe except for a little adorable white kitten. But Jamie is definitely a close second. Posted by Hello

...and she can also be fiesty. GRR! Posted by Hello

My sis and her friends getting ready for the football game... she naturally inherited most of my CHS stuff Posted by Hello
there's so much to say. I've thought about blogging at least once a day for the last week, and haven't gotten around to it. I hate this kind of catch-up blogging, though, because it all ends up being summary. And the IB gods never did like summary, did they? No. They liked analysis.

But just briefly: been back 2 weeks tomorrow. Math sucks, German rocks, don't have to buy books or do homework for my honors class, and O-chem is hard but the professor is a cute first-year who doesn't have a wedding ring. I've noticed. Roommate is sweet, we're hardly even in the room at the same time, and I'm messier than her which makes me a bit nervous, but it's been going fine so far. Efforts to form a new a cappella group are going wonderfully - we've had numerous guys reply to our call for singers but few girls. I'm extremely excited to see the talent that I will have the honor to audition next week. Looking into doing an exchange next year - just realized that this *might* interfere with a cappella (oops, not good) - I want to go to Germany again.

My music for the last two weeks has pretty much been the Die Aerzte album "Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!". I need to get away from that, though, if I'm ever going to find new music that my a cappella group can cover.

So many poignant moments, so many amusing trivialities, so many instances of irritation that I could have shared on here, had I not wasted my time not blogging. Now it's lost, and I'll have to wait to find it again.

Next post: how I managed to not have a good blood-drawing experience.