Spending the weekend in Vienna!! I know I was there less than a month ago, but Jeff hasn't been since we were there two summers ago. And who would pass up a chance to go to Vienna? Honestly, now.

So that's where I'll be, if you need me. Although I have no idea how you'd reach me, because I'm not bringing my cell phone with me. Not after the large-cell-phone-bill fiasco. So, I'll be incommunicato. Good luck.

Have a good weekend everybody!


Generation P

Not saying I'm surprised... I'm one of these "18-to-24"-year-olds myself. And I do exhibit this kind of debit-abusing behavior (in the US, at least - no one in Europe used credit!). Anyone want to fancy a guess as to why?

My guess: Use plastic, and it doesn't feel like we're spending money. Bigger transactions, like 3 or 4 clothing items at Bon-Macy's, feel like a huge financial strain when you're forking over 6 or 7 twenties to the sales associate. But charge it to your card, and poof! - you have clothes, and no immediate damage! That cash you had before is still there, and you can go buy an Orange Julius with it!

What needs to be done, at least for me, is the establishment of a budget in the following way: Put a specified amount of money in your wallet for spending for the month (or divide it up in to weeks' allowances, if it's too much to carry around). Then use that money carefully, cuz it's all you have! Money in the bank is to be used for groceries, rent, hygiene, etc. If by the 20th of the month, you have no more spending money left, that's your own fault. Deal with it, but don't take any money out of your account to do so. Wait until the first.

That's all. Except for one more insightful comment, unrelated to the last few paragraphs: Shakira keeps making crappy English-language singles. And you know why? Because the Germans will take any English song they can get. No matter if it's crappy and has a horrible in-song monologue.