Today and yesterday were absolutely GORGEOUS. The rest of the week is supposed to be all right, too. For once a good-weather week! Yoo hoo!

Of course, the onset of good weather brings with it a number of bad things. Jeff is sick, and I've caught something too, although I'm not entirely sure it's the same thing he's got. (I didn't see him hardly at all since Thursday, the day he started showing symptoms.) My roommate and her boyfriend are also infected. Then, as a I learned today from a frat friend of mine, it turns out that Greek Week is upon us. This means that not only do I have to spend most of my time sleeping and studying, but I also have to ignore the drunken din of partygoers in the alleyway while doing it. Nice. I got a taste of this walking home tonight from Jeff's house. Small groups of Greeks were scurrying away from a party on 19th. Looking at the first group of girls, who were wearing booty shorts and mid-driff halter tops, I thought they were dressed extraordinarily skanky. But as I got closer to 19th and 45th, I realized that everyone was wearing bathing suit tops and/or bottoms, and most people had bits of foam on their bodies and in their hair. Turns out the cops had just busted a foam party. I thought this was all a bit extreme for a Tuesday, given the number of people who were there, but then I remembered it was Greek Week. Sigh.

Okay, time to study. But here's a few more things:
- RENT tomorrow! EXCITED!
- Jeff's mom, aunt and cousin are visiting on Friday!
- We are going to do something fun this weekend, before the Germans all leave us to go home! Breakfast, maybe, or a trip to the Science Center or SAM. Something...
- I get to finally meet Jeff's cousin! I feel like I practically know him already from all of Jeff's stories about him.. He'll be here for a whole weekend!
- I like exclaimation points!