It has become more evident to me since my return to the US that in America, there is a driving force urging us to all be alike. Of course, this happens in every culture, which is, not coincidentally, the factor that leads to the stereotyping of peoples. But I mean it in a more acute sense: there's a pressure to "grow up" and become that which you're supposed to become. We're all sent messages from the media and corporations to buy a mass-produced car, make a downpayment on a mass-produced house, watch mass-produced T.V. and eat mass-produced food. Then there's a social pressure to do more of the same: to dress like them, socialize with them, listen to the same music and have the same nine-to-five cubicle jobs. What happened to diversity, the strength of all societies and communities?

Anyway, I have been working on writing a paper for the better part of my day, and I think it's starting to mess with my mind. Time to go home and carry out another task: organizing my stuff for the move up to Seattle on Saturday.


Does anybody know of any good hikes in the southeastern Olympics? Jamie and Dad and I want to go hiking today, but I'm having trouble finding a good, reasonable hike on the internet. I think we're going to go with Lower Lena Lake, but it doesn't have much elevation, which is what we wanted (so we can get some sweet views). Still, it's the smarter choice, since we haven't left yet and it's already 11 am. Another choice would be High Lookout Rock or whatever that one's called, but it's such a winding drive over to Rainier that I'd rather go with Lower Lena Lake and Highway 101 (also winding, but it's hiking, what can ya do?).

Yesterday, my sister and I hung out as I went through some of my stuff. We ended up trying on my old dresses that I found in a box, and she picked out one that I wore as a junior to homecoming. She'll probably take it in to get altered and wear it to a dance. It looks so nice on her!

Anyway, we gotta get going if we're going to make it to the trail in time. Til later!