holy goodness, I leave for just one weekend, I come back and the quad is beautiful. The trees decided that it was time to become amazingly stunning and they are full with blossoms. Does this mean it's spring? Or, in the words of Jeff, "that's the way it always is. You go away for a little while, and suddenly everything becomes beautiful."

Also, I'm a bad procrastinator today, and it's all due to Penny Arcade. Thanks a bunch, my good web comic friend. (these two strips together are the best, btw, first this and then this. high-larious.)

And that's all I got. On to the homework.
This weekend was very pleasantly spent at home in Olympia. Of course, I got no homework done, but that was okay because I didn't really have any. Just a few lab reports that I have to make sure are in tip-top shape by the time I have to turn them in because it's nearing the end of the quarter and I have to make sure I salvage my chem lab grade properly. And they're not due until later in the week.

Last night was weird. I decided that my headache and my lethargy were enough to merit a nap after dinner, around 8 o'clock. Well, that nap ended up lasting until 3 AM - my fault for not setting an alarm, but what can you do? So I got up to do all my bedtime things - wash face, brush teeth, get into PJs, set alarm - and then I couldn't go back to sleep. Stupid birds outside were already making distracting noises, and my nose was stuffy because I'm still not over this ridiculous cold. So I finally listened to my "soothing mix" on my iPod, which consists of "Cocoon" by Jack Johnson, and "Those to Come" by The Shins, and then a few classical songs. That ended up doing the trick, and I think I fell asleep by 5 again. That amounted to about 9 1/2 hours of sleep by the time I decided to get up at 7:45, even though class doesn't start for me until 9:30. The idea was to work on some math homework, but instead I edited Jeff's German paper and then blogged for a bit. Hmm, I still have ~15 minutes before I have to leave - maybe I'll do a little math and then go to class. Here's a little morning Shins for the road:

called to see if your back
was still aligned and your sheets
were growing grass
all on the corners of your bed
but you've got to much to wear on your sleeves
it's too much to do with me
and secretly I want to bury in the yard
the grey remains of a friendship scarred

The Shins - Kissing the Lipless