i looooooove kickboxing. it is seriously the greatest. what other workout activity could I do that I actually want to get up at 8 am every morning for? and remember, for me, 8 am is early. I usually don't have class until 10:30. but don't you think for a second that i get 10 hours of sleep a night. haha. ha. no.

my bio midterm is tomorrow. i'm frightened for multiple multiple choice again. our professor told us to treat the questions as "a series of true-false statements". Yeah. a series of statements in which if you circle only one of the right answers, you get a third of the points. and if you circle one right and one wrong, you get no points. dumb dumb dumb.

i was reading a few random blogs and lj's today (i'm at work and there's nothing to do, what can I say) and stumbled across this. It has some funny moments in a satirical sense, most of them taking place during the controversy. if you're bored, i'd recommend jumping back into the archives. the rest of the stuff isn't as good.

in the other, more mundane lj's I read, I realized that there are so many people who are EXACTLY THE SAME. it's the ugg-wearing, britney spears-loving, self-important people who think they're so cool, but in fact they're just like everyone else. it makes me want to scream at them to go get some originality. what's left nowadays, though? and how much like all of them am I?

there's no combination, no words i could put on the back of a postcard
no song that I could sing
but I can try for your heart
our dreams, they are made out of real things
like a shoe box with photographs
things you can throw love in
love is the answer at least for most of the questions of my heart
like why we're here, where do we go
and how come it's so hard
it's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving
i tell you one thing, it's always better when we're together
mmm it's always better when we're together
yeah well look at them stars and we're together
well it's always better when we're together
yeah it's always better when we're together

Jack Johnson - Better Together (i may have to post more lyrics from this song at a later date)


last night Anna called me as I was leaving a cappella rehearsal. she had questions on the German homework, so I told her I'd come over in 20 minutes and we could finish it together. As soon as I hung up the phone, I promptly forgot about it and went to go study bio at Ian's. This all happened at about 9:10. Later on at about 11 I came back to my room and called Jeff. Halfway through the conversation, I suddenly remembered about Anna, and I looked at my cell phone and saw that there was a message. Of course I felt really bad that I had forgotten, so I listened to the voice mail message. What I heard cracked me up:

"Hey Kyla, it's Anna. Yeah, when you said you were coming over.. I couldn't remember whether you said 20 minutes or 20 hours, so it'd be great if you could call me. Bye!"

oh man.


funny aim convos... you know i've had these while I was supposed to be studying...

BlakMetalKrieg: hey, richie's softball team at gonzaga is named "Off in the Shower"
KillahKyla: off in the shower?
BlakMetalKrieg: because you can't beat Off in the Shower

lochnessrockster: no way
lochnessrockster: the doorbell?
KillahKyla: yes!
KillahKyla: idiots!
lochnessrockster: i wont rest
lochnessrockster: not until justice has been restored

i guess a lot of things seem funny when I'm tired.

today was long and drawn-out and without pause.

some things happened to me, and i thought I might share, since this is my blog and i can say whatever I want. Here they are, in no particular order:

-As I was helping clean up after Teen Feed, I spilled a cup of chocolate milk. It pretty much fell directly on my foot, and i was wearing flip flops, so it was milky nastiness on my foot. Awesome.

-Anna asked me what happened to my mother. I don't remember the last time anyone asked that. I was really pleased with the way she asked it - like she cared enough to know, and that it was important to know.

-Jack Johnson's new album has become my favorite. I can never go back once I hear a new album of his. The old one just isn't as good.

-Some college kids got mad at me for the parking prices for the soccer game. It was only 4 dollars, and there were 5 of them in the car. Not like they couldn't afford it. I told them I don't set the prices; I just work there and nothing more. One of them retorted with "well, I go to college." As if I don't. Jerk. This emphasises even more how much i empathize with entry-level workers. it really isn't their fault.

-i declared my major first thing this morning. no more "pre-major" for me. I'm a full-fledged Cell and Molecular Biology Major at the UW. Go me!

now it's time for bed. kickboxing tomorrow morning!!! but i will tell some stories from this last weekend when I get the chance. they are funny, and my sister requested one in particular. :) :) :)

when your mind is a mess, so is mine
i can't sleep cuz it hurts when i think
my thoughts on a piece with the plans that we make
chances we take
they're not yours they're not mine
there's waves that can break
all the words that we said and the words that we mean
words can fall short, can see the unseen
cuz the world is awake for somebody's sake
now please close your eyes woman
please get some sleep
and know that if I knew all the answers
i would not hold them from you, no
all of the things that i know
we told each other
there is no other way

Jack Johnson - No Other Way


i'm in oly! and the tradition is that i blog at the office! always! even if it's a short post...

sing me sweet, sing me low
say you'll never let me go
this has gone on long enough
waiting for wonderful
sing me sweet, sing me low
say you'll never let me go
so won't you stay
and never fail
never let me go

Matt Nathanson - Sing Me Sweet