I don't have a whole lot to post. Ash got in on Saturday and we spent Sunday in Ulm and Esslingen with Jeff, Ronda and Monica. I had uni today and one more class tomorrow, and then Ash and I are taking off to Vienna on the first leg of a two-week trip. So, there's your warning that there won't be many updates on this page.

The one thing I did want to post was this chain-mail thing I got from my ex-roommate Michelle's live journal. You're supposed to Google the phrase " looks like"... and then look at the results and choose the most amusing or interesting one. Then post it at the end of the list:

36) Amy Looks like she's about two rhinestones away from a wardrobe malfunction.
37. Tai looks like she knows what she's doing. We can only hope.
38) Thomas looks like he's content to be Sheriff Joe Arpaio's handmaiden
39) Tanya looks like Barbie, she's The same height, 11.5 inches, she even wears the same size clothes
40) Amanda looks like something from the poltergeist
41) Amber looks like an uninspiring mass of ROCK.
42) Doug looks like a pretty mellow guy, but I'll lay 2:1 odds on Jackie being cutinto hamburger with a chainsaw on the day that Doug finally snaps.
43) Michelle looks like she's North Korean. Given that North Korea is part of the "Axis of Evil."

And mine, number 44, is the following:

44) Kyla looks like some sort of tropical fish...in other words, she looks likea character from a science fiction movie....

My runner up was "Kyla looks like she's thinking "Back away from my man!". " That one was good too.

Well, have a merry merry Christmas, my faithful readers. Hopefully I'll have the chance to update while Ash and I are on the road.