I'm taking the German play class next quarter!!!!!!

And I'm still going to graduate in winter, when I thought I would!!!!!

It's going to be awesome!!!!!

WOOOOO!!! Go me!



Just one more week! But I want the quarter to be done NOW!


Hi guys!

It's been a while since I've said anything on here. And since I have Internet access and only an hour until I have to have my PowerPoint slides ready so I can meet with my presentation group, I thought, "what better time than this to blog again?"

Actually, I should probably work on that PowerPoint stuff. But I'll do a little update, because I am a procrastinator and you guys should know how things are going for me:

-The end of the quarter is upon us. I have 2 finals, and one is a take-home, so not a lot of stress. I'm excited for next quarter, so I'll be glad when this one is done.

-No closure on the Birds vs. German Play class debate yet. I have to go see an advisor about that one.

-No big spring break plans, except that NIKO IS COMING and I'm really really really excited to see him! So I will pick up an extra shift in the next two weeks so that I am working 28 hours each week instead of my usual 21 a week.

-Jeff makes me happy :)

-There is a lot to do on Friday night: Sara's birthday party, and a coworker's party as well. Problem is, I work early the next morning (at 4 am). So I'll go to dinner with Sara, but I probably will have to skip out early on Dante's.

Okay, I guess I'll get back to assembling my PowerPoint stuff. Bleh. Have a good day!