In Which One of her Fundamental Beliefs is Severely Shaken

I only believe in 3 things for sure:
1. Jake Gyllenhaal is God's gift to (wo)men,
2. Death and taxes, and
3. That nobody of note would ever read my blog (besides my friends, of course).

Well, I can now cross #3 off my list. Exactly a month ago, Stolie over at FunkyBrownChick wrote a post about me. More specifically, it was about the title of my blogroll. Of course, in an effort to be witty (and also to downplay the fact that I read the blogs of people I don't personally know), I titled the blogroll "don't know if I'd necessarily recommend them, but I read these sometimes". (You can see it over there to the right.)

Needless to say, Stolie wasn't too pleased to find that her blog fit under this category. And so she made one of her Reader Appreciation posts into an open letter, addressed to ME. How embarrassing... And of course, I didn't even read it until today, when I read the comments on one of her recent posts.

So now I need a new, clever title for my blogroll. Help?
Just when I thought I couldn't get any weirder with my lunch habits, I went a step further. This is by far the most, um, interesting lunch I've ever prepared for myself. It consists of the following (in the order that it occured to me that I should make and eat/drink them):

-hummus and sharp cheddar sandwich on whole wheat bread;
-spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts, cranberries, and lemon ginger sesame dressing;
-orange juice;
-the last chunk of filet mignon from a few days ago;
-chile spiced mango, and
-a cup of chicken broth.

Once any of the aforementioned items was on the list, it didn't occur to me that I should take it off. Why should I? It's all good stuff, and if I don't eat it soon, it'll probably go bad. But I'm pretty sure I didn't have to eat it all right now. (Except that meat. Its days were definitely numbered.)
As it stands, I might not have any appetite whatsoever for the salad. But it's the healthiest part of this excuse for a meal, so I'd better save some room.

Last night, I read one of the best blog posts I've ever read. Actually, this girl's whole blog is good. An excerpt which I found particularly funny, if only because it relates to my life rather well:

Christmas treated me well this year, bringing me an irresistably adorable little digicam, Trivial Pursuit (Genus VI!), a wad of sweet green, and some atomic alarm clock that my mother ordered from her Big Catalog of Needlessly Complicated Gadgets and Oddities. Considering that my morning routine consists of an hour long conversation with my snooze button, in which I trade off increasingly necessary hygienic-upkeep activities in exchange for nine minute naps, I'm not really sure I need a (radioactive) timepiece that utilizes the same technology used by the world's preeminent nuclear physicists, but gift horse/mouth, etc.

You can read more of this girl's stuff here.

On Wednesday night, we watched a movie that Jeff has been hawking for a while. It's called The Room, and it is the single most hilariously horrible piece of cinematic disaster that I have ever soon. Watch it. Now.

Alright, physics homework time. Then bubble tea later... and a night of fun for Andrea's birthday. It's going to be niiiiice.


Today, Ashley and I combined our resources and did some trading: I gave her a latte, and she gave me pasta and pinto bean soup. I think it was definitely a fair trade.

I hate the UW bookstore, and I'm getting angry with the amount of stuff I have to buy there. You better believe I'm keeping those receipts. Even if the rebate comes back as store credit instead of a check like it used to, I'm still happy to get all the money back from them that I can. Oh well, it's all for my education, right?

What a better name for this than Hot Cock Sauce? I had it on my lunch today, and it was glorious. Some people call it Rooster Sauce, but I think I'll stick with Hot Cock. Sauce.

Time to go to work! YAY.


I would really like to bake a pie sometime this week. Anybody want to help?

I used the snow today as a reason to not go to any of my classes. I am the worst student ever. But I got emails from all my classes saying that they were either cancelled, or we could make up the points tomorrow and Thursday. I know I shouldn't have used the snow as an excuse, but I was tired and I felt I needed today to play catch-up. And I've been doing just that - I finally bought the ecology book so I could do my homework. I hate being raped by the UW bookstore every quarter. So I'm allowed to turn in my assignments for Eco tomorrow instead of today, and I can go to physics tutorial on Thursday. The only bummer is that I'll have to make physics lab up later, and I probably should have gone to it today, so I could have a better understanding of this week's subject matter. But I'll catch up, I swear. This is my week.

Back to that pie. Who wants to play? I'm thinking cherry or apple.

-I found my stupid physics tutorial book, so I can do my homework now. Yay.

-Physics really sucks. I'm going to have to do some major learning about electromagnetics in the next week.

-My sister visited me in Seattle this weekend (yay!), but got a major ticket for parking in a rented space (boo!). I can't believe that it happened, and I've got to call her about it tomorrow.

-It was awesome seeing my sister and her friend. We didn't have much to do, but we had fun doing it (at least I did).

-Max was really sick yesterday, so I brought him some tea and EmergenC today before work. I think he appreciated it. It's hard to dicern emotions from someone whose default expression is "angry."

-People's birthdays are coming up fast. I gotta get working on presents.

-Damien Rice has some good stuff on his new album, "9".

-A customer asked me at work today if I had children. It occured to me that from here on out, such a question will become less and less uncommon for me. Huh. I tried to take it in stride, but it did shock me a little. To be fair, she was quite young and her first child was due last week - I asked her if she had any big plans for the evening, and she replied that she would be sitting at home, waiting to go into labor. Only then did I notice she was pregnant. It was nice talking to her about it - by far the most memorable interaction with any of my customers today.

-I need to stop making bullet points and start doing physics. Bye.
Work today wasn't too bad, considering that I covered a shift that I didn't really have to. As a result, I got two benefits:
1. Some really nice filet mignon that was going to tossed out since it was almost at the expiration date, and
2. The knowledge that I'll have Friday and Saturday off next weekend, and I only have 2 more shifts to work this week! (Thursday and Sunday, to be exact.)

But of course, there's homework to be done now, and so little time to do it (I have class tomorrow at 8:30 am!!!). Also, I need a shower, because I's smelly. Better get going on all that...