School starts next week. I can't believe I've already been here 3 weeks. So far the cities I have visited are Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Hannover, Bremen, and of course my home city of Tuebingen, and since I haven't spent much time in any one place, it doesn't seem like I've been here that long. But I guess I have...

Today I spent some time getting groceries. Shopping is a little different in Germany, for a few different reasons. For one, you have to bring your own bags - like cloth reusable bags or a backpack - otherwise you have to buy plastic bags there for like 10 - 15 cents a piece. Groceries are generally cheaper but sold in smaller packages. The supermarkets aren't as "super" as they are in America - much smaller, and of course everything is in German, so sometimes I have no idea what I'm buying. You need a 1 Euro deposit to get your shopping cart out from the stack. And there are no baggers - you do your own bagging. Grocery selection can also be quite limited. But for 3 bags of groceries, I spent under 40 Euros, which I thought was pretty good. And avocados are sooooo much cheaper in Germany!!

Other than that, nothing new here. Found out that my foreign language credits are worth more than previously thought. Things are good.

Tonight, I'm headed to the Communist Bar. It's not really called that, but the Americans label it as such because it's got a big ol' portrait of Karl Marx on the wall. Should be good times.