If you must play, win. If you can't win, avoid the machines and instead try dumping a Utah-family-size whole laundry detergent box in the fountains at Paris Las Vegas. This is as exciting as craps, I guarantee it. Have your driver waiting in the middle lane -- not the taxi line, at left -- and synchronize your dump with the stop signal out on the Strip. When it's green, do it, get your ass back in the car, and go. Security is stationed a ways over toward the garage but they'll run if they have to; so step on it. Allow 30 minutes for bubbles to reach peak flow. Plan ahead, send me the snapshot, and as always, good luck.

Who is this guy?
I'm at Mary Gates Hall, where I just finished studying for tomorrow's math midterm. I guess the word "finished" isn't quite accurate: I get to go home and do a few more practice midterms. Oh well - it's nice to have a blogging break because I am tired of leaning over my books. Before coming to CLUE, I had a chem lab, which went pretty well - I wasn't heating my thing right for the first half of the heating time but it didn't matter because I ended up with a nice bunch of solid that smelled like almonds. Of course, it's not good to breath benzoin, so I tried to refrain. But man, it smelled yummy, and i was quite hungry.

After lab I grabbed dinner with Ashley, and we got roped into playing Drug Jeopardy. It was kinda dumb, but there were only 4 or 5 people vying for 3 prizes. Ash and I ended up winning a 20 dollar gift certificate to Best Buy, so we get to go there and figure out what we're going to buy with it. It's not gonna make a whole lotta sense, because what can you get two of at Best Buy that totals less than 20 bucks? we'll probably get some cool movie, watch it, and then wrestle or something to determine who gets to keep it for ever and ever. :)

The other thing that Ash and I have to do relatively soon is go to the spa - we bought these VIP passes to a spa downtown for a really good price. We just have to make sure to get all 3 visits in before the vouchers expire in 4 months.

Hmm, come to think of it, I'll probably go to the spa on Saturday after I get off work. I don't really want to go to the game, but I'd like to see my dad while he's up here. And then afterwards, I have a cappella rehearsal at 4. Let's see: how does this work out? Al spends the night on Friday, I move the car shortly before 7AM Saturday to E-1. OR I buy a $9.oo pass, park in the physics lot, and get a partial refund when I go to work again at 10:15. OR I drive to the IMA, work out for a while, and go to work at 10... Then, at 1, Al goes to the game with Dad. If we get our 2:00 appointment, I pick up Ashley and we go to the spa and get our stuff done, and then at 4 I drop off Ash, pick up Dad and/or Al and drive to a cappella rehearsal. If there's time, we can get food. Isn't that just PERfect?

I've been getting less sleep than I should. Time to go study some more and then crash for a while.