Working today at the office, I realized there is something I really, truly hate.

Now before I go on, I have to say that normally, working at the office makes me feel happy. People are there working to recover from injuries and surgeries, and the physical therapists keep their patients' health as top priority. Spirits are almost always high, and we do our best to deliver excellent patient care. Such should be the goal of every medical provider.

But of course, medical insurance companies do their best to rear their big, ugly heads and deny coverage for everything. Today, there were two people whose insurance I called to check benefits, only to find that they had so much deductible left that they wouldn't see a cent from the insurance until after several visits to our office. One of them even had an allowed amount that was smaller than the deductible!!! Imagine having your insurance company put a cap on visits which you yourself are paying for!! Now that's just adding insult to injury. Literally.

So naturally, we are not seeing either of these fine folks in our office again. Thankfully, one of them was only a one-time visit anyway. But the other person really needed the PT and won't be getting it. It's a shame, folks - it's really a shame.

In other, more upbeat news, I got the new Harry Potter book on loan from a friend who has already finished it. I read it at lunch today while I was eating and then working out. Speaking of working out, I can't decide whether I should go do that, or go clean my room. I'm thinkin I should do the cleaning, seeing as how I will soon be having guests staying in my brother's room, which has much of my crap in there. So the quicker I get my room clean, the faster I can put my college junk from my brother's room into mine... ah, it's going to be a headache. Maybe I should just give all of my worldly possessions over to Goodwill.

Well, whatever I'm going to do, I'd better get started. Better than wasting time here on good ol' Compy. Btw, Jeff, what's the link to your brother's blog?