also, this:

American Cities That Best Fit You::
70% San Francisco
65% Los Angeles
60% Honolulu
60% Washington, DC
55% Portland

Pretty sure that's not true at all. Where is my beloved Seattle on this list? And I think we all know that I wouldn't be able to handle LA.
I find this article very amusing, because two of the three determining words in the spelling bee are German words. If I had never taken German, I would be right there along with the other 98% of America who have no idea what the words Ursprache and Weltschmerz mean, much less know how to spell them. A closer inspection of a clip of the spelling bee shows that the moderator did, in fact, pronounce Weltschmerz correctly.

Since we're leaving for Prague tomorrow, Jeff, Ronda and I went down to the train station early today and bought our tickets. I'm so excited! Now Jeff and I just have to figure out if we want to go to Berlin afterwards, or come straight back to Tuebingen, or what. By the time we were done with this small task, it was 10:30, meaning it was time for Ronda to go to Stuttgart, time for Jeff to go back to bed, and time for me to work on writing a presentation I have to give the week after Prague. So that's what I've been doing for a solid 4 hours now (which feels like a heck of a lot of work to me, sadly), and as a result, on the bus going back up to my dorm, I came up with an extremely deep thought, which is as follows:

If you have two M&Ms in your hand, and one is red and one is brown, which do you eat first? Because the one you leave behind will inevitably melt a little in your hand (if you eat M&Ms as slow as I do), so which color stain would look worse? Red, which could be construed as blood, or brown, which could be construed as dirt or silver nitrate or poop?

So that's something for you to ponder while I'm away in Prague. You can leave a comment and share your own Deep Thought!

Have a great week.


There's only one statement that has any truth to it in this video. Can you find it?

And in regards to the very last line of the video: If it's true that none of you really matter to us (a false statement, I feel), things would be way different if we weren't the most powerful country in the world. I have a feeling you guys wouldn't give a crap about us, if you could help it.

I think the British guys who made this video are harboring a bit of resentment stemming back from 1776...


Sometimes I like giving myself random, pointless challenges. For example, I'll swear off chocolate for months at a time. It's not that I'm eating any healthier - I still eat candy and the like - it's just that suddenly, there's no chocolate anymore.

So the newest challenge starts today: to survive the rest of the week only on pocket change. And I'm going grocery shopping right now... This is sure to be lots of fun. But you haven't been a college student until you've tried something like this.


Life has been adventure-rich lately. At least Ronda and I choose to call what we do "adventures", because in reality it's nothing more than picking out a small neighboring town within the area covered by our semester bus pass, and going to explore it. Still, it's a lot of fun. And if we hadn't done it on Thursday together, we would not have run into a Father's Day Bierfest, as well as signs for a Weinfest this weekend.

So you can guess what we did today. Yes, that's right, we went back to that small village and invaded their Weinfest. I'd post pictures of our adventures, but Ronda took them all, so you'll have to become friends with her on Facebook and then look at the pictures.

Spending the entire weekend with Ronda inevitably ended in me contracting her illness. So now I feel like crap, I napped 4 hours today, my head is throbbing, and I desperately need to go make some soup. But at least tonight I'll be able to do some homework, and maybe recover enough to go out tomorrow for Armin's going-away party. If you know anyone who is in Germany and can bring me homemade chicken noodle soup, I'd be much obliged.