In case you were wondering, here's the link to that article.

I find it fitting that the dude's name is Wasser, and he does marine research. Just one of life's little coincidences, I guess.
I was reading an article in the Seattle PI pertaining to the UW biology department, when I realized that after being in Germany, I don't know how to pronounce certain names.

Namely, I'm talking about those last names that are of German heritage, but have been Anglocized. Example: Wasser becomes "waaa-sir", but to my eyes, it looks like "Vah-ser" pronounced with a British-like accent (aka, the R doesn't come out very strong).

Oh man. What am I going to do when I'm back in the states? Just go around mispronouncing everybody's name?


This weekend's seminar finally came to a close today at noon. Of course, they always fly past quickly, but since I got a total of 7 hours sleep the whole weekend, I of course was ready for it to be over.

I have a lot of thoughts about the seminar, ranging from the very positive for the somewhat negative. Right now, though, it's time to relax in the park down in the city. Play some cards. Knit. Nap. Chat. Nosh a bit.

So I'll come to all of those thoughts later. Bye...