So. Spring break. Oh man.

My break ended up being a lot of things I didn't expect. Actually, I made a list of all the things I wanted to do while on break, and today I took a pen and checked off the ones I actually got to, just to create a small sense of accomplishment. The result? Out of 13, I only got to 3 of them. I also had a list of the people I never get to spend quality time with, and from that list, I only hung out with 1/2 the people.

But there were a few surprises during the break, too. Here's a run-down of the main events, in chronological order:

1. Redecorating the living room. Ashley and I were home together on Thursday (the day after my last final) when we came up with a brillant plan: it was time to make the living room a more friendly place to live. So we got up the next morning and biked to Ballard on the search for materials (and fresh, gooey bread). We were successful on both counts and we managed to bring back paint, skull-and-crossbones curtains, pink ribbon, and other little tidbits. The rest of the day was spent painting and drinking beer in celebration of the end of finals.

2. Vancouver trip. Ronda and I have an awesome friend from Germany staying with us. Sadly, he leaves tomorrow, but he had all spring break to chill with us and see some of Seattle. We did the usual Pike Place and Space Needle thing, and then Ronda and Niko revealed that they were hoping to take a road trip to Vancouver, BC. So I got someone to cover a shift for me, and we called up my good friend Rick from high school, who goes to school in BC and was nice enough to let us stay with him. Unfortunately, it rained pretty much the whole time we were up there, but what can you do. I mean, c'mon. It's Vancouver. It's gonna rain. We went to the aquarium, which was totally rad, and saw belugas and sea lions and otters and jelly fish. They even had a small zoo section to go with the tropical fish section, and Ronda got birdcrapped on in the bird sanctuary. The aquarium was definitely a highlight.

3. Party at my place. We don't throw parties at our place often enough, I think. I mean, we have a pretty big house and it's centrally located smack-dab in the U-District. I don't know if I'll ever live in another place so well-suited to parties. Anyway, this party came about because one coworker of mine decided 2 months ago to have a party, but didn't know where to have it, since his apartment was too small. I agreed to have it at my place, and so it was on. Usually parties that are planned so far in advance get hyped too much and they end up not living up to expectations. But this one was awesome, if I do say so myself. Lots of dancing, and lots of coworkers who I always want to hang out with but hardly ever get the chance because we have work and school all the time. Everyone gave compliments on how much fun the party was, and it's pretty much all we talked about at work today. And damage was minimal: sure, the house was covered in bottles and cans this morning, but I cleaned it up today in a matter of a few hours. There was no vomit, no broken furniture (save possibly for the disco ball), and nothing stolen outside of a few beers that were not designated for the party, and a little ice cream that belonged to my roommates. Anyway, I socialized for a good 3 hours, and then started taking dance breaks, and then switched almost entirely to dancing until nearly the break of dawn. Basically, it was awesome and I had a great time.

So that's my spring break in a nutshell. Tomorrow is the first day of school again, and it's going to be... well, school. Sigh. But I'm taking 3 bio classes and a German play class, so at least now I'm taking a schedule where I'm interested in all the things I'm learning (as opposed to last quarter, when I had physics). Wish me luck for my first day back!