How is there no Michael Cera website?

Wow. I love Arrested Development. I am going to buy all three seasons on DVD and show Fox what is up.

"Soon, George Michael went to Ann's to try to win her back. But her uncle Paul told him that Ann had moved in with her boyfriend. He also mentioned that we all only had three more weeks on Earth, and that fossils were just something that the Jews buried in 1924."

Apropos, I did horribly on my first oral German test today. I think the other GSL classes went well, though. At the very least I can just withhold my Schein from that class. Hopefully History goes better.


I know I said I wouldn't be back for a week and a half, but I felt inspired to post.

Tonight at 11 PM I went out jogging, and instead danced in a snowfield under the moonlight to "Army" by Ben Folds Five. The landscape of Tuebingen laid out before me, I swirled around in bliss, kicked out my feet and forgot the world for 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

Sometimes you think you are taking control of life and saying, "look, here's what I want to do now. It may sound irrational, but it's what I'm going to do." And then something picks you up, sets you down square on your butt, and says, "No. This is what you're doing now."

And it's wonderful.


So I get home from Brussels, and this is the first headline I see when I open my browser:

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Man

Crazy. I thought this was hilarious. Bad for the poor victim, but he's in good condition, judging from the report.

Brussels was nice. It was my first time visiting the city (well, the country at all) and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Jeff and I stayed at the Vincent van Gogh hostel, ate Belgian waffles with strawberries and chocolate, bought Belgian chocolates and blonde beers, saw the Grand Place and the Mannekin Pis, visited a few churches and a museum, and to top it all off, ate mussels at an authentic (expensive!) Belgian restaurant. The hostel had a bar and a pool table with (sometimes) free pool, which made the evenings quite pleasant - we didn't really go out because of upcoming tests this week and next. We did have to deal with one crazy guy sleeping in one of the beds in our room, who kept going in and out of the room in the night and then in the morning kept opening the window when it was freezing cold out (it snowed later that day). Furthermore, as we took an after-dinner nap on Saturday from 6 to 9, he came in and started playing guitar. Really, really considerate. He even kept the door to the room open - Jeff postulated that he was attempting to pick up chicks. In the hostel's modest kitchen, he'd turn up the TV to disastrous volumes and then leave without readjusting the set. We tactfully avoided confrontation by not uttering a word to him the entire weekend.

But all in all, the city was pretty and we had a good time wandering the gardens, seeing churches and taking pictures. Now it's time to get back to those books. I'll be back in about 10 days once my finals are over. :)