sometimes I think to myself that I need to take more pictures.

Then I realize, no, it's not pictures of life that I want. I want a life that is so vibrant and overflowing that there is no time to take pictures, or even look back at them later.

problem is: how do I get there?


there's nothing like a day of running around figuring your life out to make you believe again that you are indeed moving forward, and that you have direction.

Now that I've gone to the IPE and found out what I need to do to apply, I just have to choose: Berlin, or Tuebingen. On the one hand, I have access to a huge city that would be excellent to hang out in. There would always be something going on. The history there is intense, and the two sides of the city are vibrantly different even after the 15 years since reunification. They offer either an international student dorm, where I would live in a single and could make friends easily but would probably end up speaking more English than German, or I could opt for a WG in another part of town where I would have a roommate and live mostly with native students. On the other hand is Tuebingen, a smaller college town in the south. The people are more open there, but speak a heavier dialect. The town caters to college students, and it would just generally be a younger population with whom I would live. Housing is harder to find here, but I would like to live in a college town, having already lived in a big city for a few years. In both places, I know a few people already: three different families around Tuebingen, and then a young couple in Berlin, plus an American friend from UW who is also going to be in Berlin when I would be.

Plus, I have to maintain a certain GPA while in Germany so that my scholarship does not get revoked. If it does drop (which the UW won't know until I'm back), I'll be required to pay back the value of the scholarship. Scary...

Anyway, all this talk about GPA reminds me that I need to study for my o-chem exam, which is tomorrow morning. And calc, too, which won't be as hard but I'd best review anyway. Better get crackin'.
got some of my classes! ESPECIALLY my honors o-chem lab...

Also, did NOT get my math class. darm.

off to class.

KillahKyla: hahaha... don't you get stuff done in that break, though?
TheFrog84: sure...halo 2 and whatnot


boo for Internet Explorer.