i come from that which I know not of. things are at once confusing and exhilirating. water is the most important thing on this earth, according to every single living thing. I'm going to read this post tomorrow and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

like yesterday, tomorrow I have to sing with my choir. Sadly, it will be the last time.

tomorrow, i must go to the gym and work out. I must also prepare pasta salad. and at half past 5 i must be at the stiftskirche to start warming up for our concert at 8.

what a stressful life I lead here in tuebingen. and it has to come to an end, oh so tragically. sad.

back to drinking water, it's the best decision i can make for myself at the moment.


Remember how in my last post I said I was going to go to the store? and it looked like it was about to rain? Well, it did start to rain, and hard - but only after I was in the grocery store. I came back out with my cloth bag full of groceries, and was greeted with a full-on rainstorm. Wonderful. I love thunderstorms, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather not run through them, especially when hail is involved. But that's exactly what I had to do, since after 10 minutes the storm showed no sign of letting up, and I was hungry and wanted to create me some sandwiches. So I ran to Jeff's dorm and hung out with him for a while, and ate my food, and we watched Viva La Bam. When I came back out, the sun was shining again. Yay.

Then it was choir-time. I first went to our dress rehearsal for the KHG choir at the Stiftskirche. Then I cut out early to perform with the International Choir at our concert with the theater group. It was actually pretty fun, and afterwards we went to a nearby bar where the proceeds from our show (donations from the audience) went towards buying us unlimited French fries with ketchup and mayo. Delicious and certainly fattening. Mmmm.

Ronda and I stopped by a party in Haus 3 on the way home, but the people were drunk and we didn't know many of them, so we stayed for about 15 minutes before coming back here to watch Conan (me) and use the internet (Ronda). All in all, it was a pretty relaxed day, and I think most of my Tuebingen days will be like that, right up until the end, which is very soon.

Tomorrow is the KHG choir concert in Balingen. Since Jeff has relatives there, we'll probably go hang out a little beforehand, and then I'll go to rehearsal while Jeff spends more time with them... then he'll eventually come to the concert at 8. Afterwards, we'll come back to Tuebingen for the big party-palooza at Joker and Kuckuck. Fun times.

Andrea comes on Tuesday!!! I am sooooo excited! Our trip is about to start, the one we've been planning and dreaming about all year!
I got up this morning (afternoon) to go get my lunch from the fridge and eat while working on some stuff in my room. So I went to the kitchen to fetch the pasta that I had made yesterday.

And it was gone. Just like that. Not there anymore. Somebody either wanted it for themselves or needed the Tupperware or something, but whatever the reason, it was gone and I couldn't eat it.

I. Am. So. Pissed. (and hungry)

I guess I shouldn't complain, because yesterday Jeff and I had an absolutely fabulous dinner at the Greek place up the street. We used to go there a lot for gyros and a great appetizer platter, but lately we've been trying to save our money. But in these last few weeks of life in Tuebingen, Jeff's dad decided he wanted to treat us to a nice night out at a restaurant. So we chose Greek and ate til we couldn't eat anymore. It was great. Too bad I didn't wake up still full, because now I could really use that pasta. Grr.

I suppose this means I should go shopping and get some food for the next few days. Yup. And then write my letter of cancelation for the people at 02 so I can get out of my 2-year cell phone contract with them. And then print off travel information for my upcoming trip with Dad, Jamie and Andrea. And then clean my room. And then go to a never-ending night of choir (first dress rehearsal for the KHG choir, and then a performance for the International choir). Ooh, and it looks like it's going to rain outside. Fun.

Alright, off I go to Treff for groceries.


Almost forgot: I really liked this blog post today from one of my favorite bloggers, Opinionista. My original post today was going to read something like "I'm too lazy to blog because it's so hot out right now so read this instead" but then I got carried away with typing about my day. Oh well.
It is so hot out right now. So hot. Like Hansel.

Seriously, I want to stick my head in a bucket of ice water and leave it there for half an hour. It didn't help that I decided to go staple-food shopping today. While that means that most of the stuff I got was light (pasta, rice, dumplings, etc), I went to the cheapest store in town for it, which is in South Tuebingen. And of course on the way back I missed the bus, so I just walked back to the bridge to catch a different one back to my dorm. (It's not very far, but there's a slight upgrade to most of the walk, and I DID have lots of groceries.) Result: I sweated buckets.

I think I made a good choice, though, because shortly before going to the grocery store, I was in H&M trying on clothes that were 50 to 70 percent off. I almost got two different items, and then aborted my purchase at the last moment. I'm trying to go funkier with my wardrobe, so I was thinking about getting this cute front-lace-up shirt with a bit of lace on it (I'd describe it as "hippy flare") and a super-short blue and black ballet poof skirt that would have looked great over jeans or even leggings. I was especially happy with the skirt because it fit my hips more perfectly than any skirt ever has, and I'm not being sarcastic here. But I dropped the top before getting to the register because it was way too low cut for me to ever wear in public, and the skirt (which had a "50% off" tag on it but not the original price), which I thought would be about 5-8 Euro, was going to be 12 Euro. And I just don't have money right now to spend on clothes unless they're going to be functional, i.e. shorts I can wear on a month-long trip through Europe, or flip-flops I can wear in dirty communal showers.

So I think the money was better spent on food, which is usually the decision I come to when the choice is between clothes and food. (Okay, okay, between ANYTHING and food.) However, the clothing would have been easier to carry...

Today was my last bio seminar, which meant a lot of summary and a lot of feedback. It was one of the harder sessions for me, since everyone was throwing out ideas all at once. Trying to catch all of this in a foreign language, even if you're fluent, is like watching a World Cup soccer game through a kaleidiscope. It's easy to focus on one player at a time, but you're not going to see what the goalie is doing, or who's coming up the side of the field, or who's rolling on the ground faking an injury. Besides, in the seminar, even if you're doing a good job of keeping up with the discussion, what happens when you want to say something that you're thinking? It might have been said already, and you missed it. Or you might not know the word for something. What if you oversimplify, and it comes out sounding dumb? Or what if you don't articulate it correctly and everyone looks at you like you just headbutted somebody? (Not to slip back into the soccer analogy... but I couldn't help it. hehe.)

Bottom line, it's hard. After getting out of there with a whirlwind of German swirling in my head, it was time to take a break, and that's when I got the idea to go shopping. And it's weird, because I don't usually like shopping for clothes. Go figure.

I think it's about time to start studying for my exam, which is tomorrow. Or eat dinner. Hmm, dinner...


Matt's blog had this video on it, and I thought I'd add another one that popped up on YouTube. They're about Tuebingen and they both capture it pretty well. The first one captures more of the everyday sights and sounds, while the second is just pictures to music.

My choir sang at a Catholic mass this evening. I'd say we did a fine job, and it was a nice mass to boot. Tomorrow I need to go out and buy a black folder (thanks to Matt for lending me his for tonight) so that I can have something to hold my sheet music in. Also, I need to hang up some posters advertising our concert next Sunday! If you would like to come, it's on Sunday evening at 8 in the Stiftskirche. Admission is 5 Euros for students/children, 8 for adults. You know you want to!