So, Yeah, Here's the Thing

I registered for my classes two weeks ago, and wasn't very happy with the outcome. People with all sorts of senority took the places in the classes I wanted, and I was stuck with two classes I was okay with, and one that made me angry because it was early in the morning 4 days a week, 9 hours a week total, and it was about the natural history of birds, which I'm not all that interested in. But it fits my requirements well, and would probably help me get out of school all that much faster if I took it.


I now found a class about Comparative Animal Reproduction that I can take for upper division elective credit. Sweet. I'm in. So now my schedule looks like this:

Comp Animal Repro
Developmental Bio

And I still need one more class. The Birds class does fit, and I could take it. OR... I could do a totally fun, totally sweet German play class. And I'm really leaning towards that, because I haven't performed ANYTHING in FOREVER and I really would like to. And my German could use that sort of practice.

So.... I think I'm going to do the German play. Just because I can. I might even proctor again for the film class, because that was fun and it helped my German as well. That would be 17 credits, but that extra 2 hours a week for proctoring is barely anything.

There's just one nagging thought: there's the horrible idea of making it to the middle of fall quarter, and finding out that I can't graduate because I didn't take that Birds class, and WHAT? I'll have to stick around for another quarter? AHHH I can't take the pressure. So I should do the Birds class and get my lab credit out of the way, even though I don't want to take the class, and I REALLY want to do that German play. Guess I'll go see a Bio advisor about the whole thing tomorrow, or next week sometime.

Today was a fantastic day. I went to a very inspiring lecture this morning, and it just put me in a mood to beat the band. Didn't get all the work done that I should have, but I was happy and I felt that's all that mattered today. I might feel differently about that tomorrow.

Hokay, it's time to go to bed so I can do all the work tomorrow that I should have done today.

PS: If you read the comments from the post about the Iris videos, you'll see that the director of yet another video is upset that I didn't post his. Sorry, William! Here it is in all its glory (and I will edit the old post to include it - just not tonight).


I'm sick. I need to go home and sleep.

There's stuff I need to get done today. Group paper due at 4:30. Field ecology at 1:00. German at 11:30. At least I finished reading the book.

Work was dumb last night. A bunch of things happened that pissed me off. I fell into bed exhasted and didn't get stuff done like I should have.

This is easily the worst day of the week, right here. Gah. At least I have friends who let me vent to them. Thanks, friends! I love you all.

Okay, back to writing my paragraph for that stupid paper.