So I've finally changed over to the new blogger. Not much is different, except I have to use my gmail account to sign on. Also, I changed my template, but it hasn't shown up yet. I don't know when it will.

I have zero motivation to study for finals tonight. I wonder if I should consider physics a lost cause and just concentrate on biology.

A guy on the Ave asked me if I was a Rastafarian or an artist. I said neither. He said he liked my dreads on me anyway.

I had good Thai food for dinner on the Ave with Devin. I wanted to go to Thai Tom's, but that place is a zoo at dinnertime. I called ahead to get take-out but I basically got the equivalent of "screw-you" over the phone (by which I mean they said "It'll be an hour" and then, after I said "okay", they said "okay, bye" and hung up). Devin was already at the library anyway, so Thai 65 was closer. We decided against AppeThai.

I want bubble tea, and I don't know where my cell phone is. I think I left it in my room. Otherwise, I really have no idea where it could be. I'm tired. Man, this post is lame.
The party last night went splendidly. At least, I think it did - it's always hard to tell if people are enjoying themselves when you're the hostess, because you can always think of something that you can improve about your party to help people have a better time. But I think it was good. Lots of my friends showed up, many of them from high school, a few from work, and a few mutual friends with Ronda (aka the German exchange students). We had German mulled wine that turned out great, egg nog with rum that was also surprisingly good, a platter of Christmas cookies and copious amounts of Three Buck Chuck. People also brought their owh booze, so it turned out to be quite a pleasant party.

The mistletoe didn't work out quite as well as we were hoping. Only a few people got caught under it. Although I do have to say, there was one incident that I felt made the mistletoe worth its purchase: as Max and Carol were dancing the tango, they passed under it and I called them out on it. Since Carol is awesome and crazy, she uttered no word of protest and shoved her face up to Max's and kissed him quickly. Max's reaction was amazing: He tried to get his face into a kissing postion, but it only happened after Carol pulled her face back. Then Max looked bewildered, and said, "I just got punched in the face by your lips." I thought it was a hilarious interaction.

Other amusing things that happened last night:
1. A football player wandered into our party from off the street. He took some egg nog, talked to me briefly, and left. Everyone was slightly confused.

2. Hung hijacked the stereo system and started playing German hiphop from his iPod. All the German speakers rejoiced. Everyone else kinda went "wtf?" and stopped dancing.

3. I spilled some egg nog on the floor while Max was standing next to me, and without even barely communicating, we cleaned up the spill. It was kinda scary how fast we went into Trader Joe's clean-up mode - he stood there to protect the spill, and I went and got towels. We laughed about our TJ reflex, and it may only be funny to us. But that's how jokes go sometimes.

4. Early on, we all danced to Scissor Sister's "I Don't Wanna Dance". It took my breath away, and not only because I was dancing like a maniac on speed. It's moments like this that I live for.

5. We had our disco ball up and running! And we lit it with my bike light, which I found hilarious. I just hope those batteries still have plenty of juice. The whole thing reminded me of a middle school dance, and we even played that out a little bit, with the whole awkwardness thing - Max danced with Carol and pretended that the girl he REALLY wanted to dance with was across the room.

6. Carol carried Max over her shoulders - twice.

So it was a good, long night, and now I have to go do parking duty for 3 hours and try to earn some of that money back that I so casually spent on my party last night. And then study for finals, which is what I should have been doing all along. YAY!


Kind of a crappy day.

I cannot wait until finals are over. Less than 10 days from now, I can go home and not worry about school for a while - just about going to work, and enjoying Christmas, and seeing friends from Oly.

Last night, a kid at work got injured pretty badly. A case of olive oil that he was lifting broke open from the bottom, sending 12 bottles to the floor. All but 2 shattered, and my co-worker slipped in the puddle of oil. When I came around the corner to see what the crash was, I saw him sitting on the floor, with olive oil all over his back, and not moving. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that he was bleeding profusely from his hands due to two large gashes from the glass shards. He was taken to the ER, and all of us were pretty shaken up about the whole thing. His girlfriend was especially torn up (she works there too, and saw the whole thing happen.

So that was depressing, and we wrote him a card. I know it sounds cliche, but I hope he gets better fast. The weird thing is, we all know in the back of our minds that such a thing could happen to any of us.

And now, time to go to work.