Just to Prepare You for the Best Thing Ever

All of these videos were spawned from one single, awesome 30-second movie. Last weekend, we filmed one as well. Stay tuned, because it will be the best thing ever. In the meantime, watch the others and get a feel for the "genre".

The Original:

The Copies:

The Spinoff:


My life is rolling downhill at astounding speeds, and I haven't figured out how to catch up with it yet.


This show is an obvious rip-off of The Daily Show. I don't think it will enjoy any of the widespread success that The Daily Show enjoyed (and, to some extent, still does), and it will probably prove to be nothing more than a feeble attempt on FOX's part to create a popular, intelligent, engaging show, even at the risk of being unoriginal. (Note to FOX: You had an original, witty show with Arrested Development! Why did you drop that wonderful gem?)

I've been feeling very contemplative lately, but too busy to think through my thoughts. Tomorrow I'll be cross-country skiing my way through the mountains, and hopefully the cold air and the natural beauty will bring me some moments of clarity. So I'd better go get some sleep!