If you don't believe in global warming, then answer me this: Why is it -1 degrees celcius in Seattle right now, and 8 degrees in Stuttgart? Huh? That is just wack, yo.

Looking forward to the Senate show tonight - it's going to be rockin'. Gonna dance the night away and have a good time. In those two respects, the party at Erica's last night was outstanding as well. Lots of dancing to awesome music. Two of my favorites were a Flogging Molly song and Bombs over Baghdad - my dreads flew. Can't wait to see the pictures from that.

Right, well I have to get going if I'm going to be ready for the show in time. Later.


There's something about today that makes me feel worthless, but in an existentialist kind of way. Like, even if I could change and make myself worth something, it would be useless because there's no point anyway. I'm not saying this is true, but it's how I feel.

Feelings have been ruling my life a lot lately. I'm not sure I can deal with the consequences very well.

Last night was an exercise in randomness. A boy with a tendency to neglect his body in pursuit of his inner self showed up at my door, nearly frozen to the core after 6 hours of wandering Seattle on foot in the cold with minimal outerwear. He provided me with deep conversation and intense ramblings about life, love, and God in exchange for the use of a sweatshirt and a blanket, a place to sit indoors, a PBJ sandwich, and a cup of chicken broth. Two quick hours later, our mutual friend called to collect him, and we met up for bubble tea on the Ave. Later, some Arrested Development with a friend and a roommate, making arts and crafts with one and cuddling with the other. As a result of all this, none of my schoolwork got done. Looks like I'll have a lot to do this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, there are good times ahead. Naturally work will be in the mix, but outside of that there are some highlights: a party with my Trader Joe's peeps, a Senate show that will be rockin', and a day off on Monday for MLK Jr. Day. I'm thinking about signing up for something on that day, but then, refer back to paragraph #1 of this post. And then of course, there's today, which I might devote entirely to schoolwork. But that remains to be seen.

Alright, time for German class, and then I get 3 days off from school.
None of the stuff I wanted to get done for school today got done.

I am the best student that ever lived.


Just for quick reference:

Unfolded Protein Response and how it may prevent cells from dying:

Memory formation

Resveratrol in red wine helps reverse obesity-related gene pathways:

The rest of my day is going well. I'm tired because Ronda and I had way too much fun chatting last night - until we realized it was 3:30 AM. But we did our homework first, so the only problem was getting up this morning... and not sleeping through my lectures. Only 3 more classes to go, and then I have tomorrow COMPLETELY OFF!
I hate:

-the coffee that spilled on my brand-new bag that Andrea gave me
-work, sometimes (but not today)
-the feelings that are making me do things I don't want to do, and hurt the person I'd rather die for than hurt

I love:

-tea and spicy cider
-the Senate
-postcards from faraway places
-my friends, even when I give them every reason to hate me

Random: So Ronda and I just discovered a bag of new knives and wooden blocks in my room. Someone is doing some carving, and it's not me. How in the sam hell did it get here?!?


I don't think it's the lack of sleep and food that's making me feel like crap today. Nope. Probably not that.


Bevor ich dir Weh tue, bringe ich mich lieber um.
Dear Kyla,

Why do you have a tendency to be so self-destructive?