Famous scientists around the world have mysteriously disappeared and Chronicle reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) along with ace aviator Sky Captain (Jude Law) are on the investigation. Risking their lives as they travel to exotic places around world, can the fearless duo stop Dr. Totenkopf, the evil mastermind behind a plot to destroy the earth? Aided by Franky Cook (Angelina Jolie), commander of an all-female amphibious squadron, and technical genius Dex (Giovanni Ribisi), Polly and Sky Captain may be our planet’s only hope.

The funny thing about this is that the guy playing the "evil mastermind" is Sir Lawrence Oliver, who's been dead for 15 years. Furthermore, his character is named "Dr. Totenkopf", which in German would translate as "Dr. Dead Head." Weird.

I gotta stop blogging at the office. So addictive, though!
i'm trying to enable the "comments" feature on this blog so I can get feedback and see who still actually reads this thing. c'mon comments, do your thing!
nothing to say. I'm tired. At work again.

I guess I can talk about how I have a dentist appointment today, or how I'm going to the UCLA vs. UW game tomorrow, or how much packing I have to do beforeI leave for school next week, or the books I need to buy.

But I don't feel like it...


I feel like my sinuses are playing that game where the toy gopher pops up and you hit him back down with your mallet, but he keeps coming back in another opening.... what happened is that I was driving home from work today and my ear finally popped after being closed up all day, and then I got home and blew my nose, and my ear closed again. JEEZ. I hate head colds. Plus, my wisdom tooth is definitely poking through the gums now. CRAP.


wow, I spend a lot of time online tonight. I forgot how much fun AIM can be when you really get into it. Here are some snippets of conversations which really made me laugh out loud, literally:

BK729: BK729: the way i got to it might be wrong, but i think the answer is right
so, according to the question, a volume X, when multiplied by the density of bromine and the density of gallium, will give two new weights
BK729: these weights, added, and then added again to the 3.390 kg will give a mass, the mass of the mercury
BK729: this mass divided by density of mercury should give the same volume yet again
BK729: i.e. 750
BK729: wait
BK729: hagn on
BK729: thats the answer
BK729: now i will give you the question
BK729: what think you ?
KillahKyla: okay I need some time
KillahKyla: like 5 people JUST imed me
BK729: tell them to go away
KillahKyla: lol okay okay!!!

KillahKyla: "I'm not hungry!"
KillahKyla: lol Ernesto
cesordinol: Hahah
cesordinol: And then I hate a sh*tload.
KillahKyla: lol, if I didn't know that you meant "ate" instead of "hate", that would be a funny sentence
cesordinol: oh
cesordinol: sh*t
cesordinol: *ate

KillahKyla: just work them really hard and they will all leave
KillahKyla: save for a choice few hard-working athletes
mhall07cmc: yeah, the key is to get dews out of them first
mhall07cmc: so we can buy more boats and have a better team
KillahKyla: oh, haha, dues
KillahKyla: I thought you meant "dews" like fresh blood or something?
mhall07cmc: ah, sorry
mhall07cmc: yeah, money from them

JSykora386: do anything interesting today?
KillahKyla: gave a few ultrasounds
JSykora386: I said interesting

KillahKyla: I went to the wrong Happy Teriyaki to pick up our office lunch
KillahKyla: which was funny
JSykora386: interesting!
KillahKyla: how come the Asians have to be so PRODUCTIVE and have like 23 Happy Teriyakis in the South Sound area?
JSykora386: its probably more efficient or something
JSykora386: kinda like them all being black-haired and good at math

JSykora386: I totally moted this guy at the gym in front of his girlfriend yesterday
JSykora386: that was sweet
KillahKyla: moted?
KillahKyla: what does that mean?
JSykora386: sorry, I picked that up from Kenny
JSykora386: like "diss"
JSykora386: from "demote"
KillahKyla: Kenny??
KillahKyla: you let your mutant Cheeto-eating cousin INFLUENCE you?
JSykora386: what's it to you?!

JSykora386: and no, not usually, but its kinda funny...moted
KillahKyla: yeah I like it... okay
JSykora386: good, now you must use it, grasshopper

KillahKyla: i have had so many funny AIM convos today
KillahKyla: I think I will post them in my blog
JSykora386: good, do it
JSykora386: nothing I've said, I hope

ALilHusky: i love when you guys speak in german
ALilHusky: and laugh in german, " Ya, hahah, ya"
ALilHusky: it's pretty much my favorite thing

KillahKyla: I thought you met Brett already...
ALilHusky: nope i only met the other one
ALilHusky: whose name escapes me at the moment
KillahKyla: Alex
KillahKyla: :-)
ALilHusky: yeah!!
KillahKyla: yeah I have too many of them
ALilHusky: sorry
KillahKyla: I will only have a few kids
KillahKyla: and they will be trackable
ALilHusky: hahaha
ALilHusky: mine will be robots

KillahKyla: speaking of home renovation/construction, do you have to do that to your new house in Seattle?
hanging onacliff: yeah, it's freaking freezin in here
hanging onacliff: i could cut glass, it's so cold
KillahKyla: haha, put a space heater in
hanging onacliff: electricity is expensive
KillahKyla: okay, wear some more clothes
hanging onacliff: oh right....pants...i thought there was just a draft

I am endlessly entertained by this. If anyone doesn't want their screen name on the internet and it is on here, lemme know. K?
back at work. again.

I've been a little under the weather lately, starting with a cold I think I caught from my father. And then I went to the dentist yesterday, and they told me my wisdom teeth need to come out. After that visit, one of my wisdom teeth started aching. I thought it was just because it had been brought to my attention and possibly slightly agitated by the dental visit, but it still hurts this morning. Perhaps if I could stop tounging it, it would go away... So I'm scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out December 16th. I have the option (well, I did yesterday, maybe not today) to get them out on Friday, but if I did I would miss the UCLA vs. UW game the next day, and Manzanita and I were really looking forward to that. But is it worth an entire quarter's worth of pain? Or will this pain go away when my cold does? If that's going to happen, then I need to make it happen soon...

...because I'm going back to school in 9 days. A ridiculously short time. I'm so excited, though... for my new dorm, for the football games, to see my friends from classes and Haggett... et cetera. I guess I'm not all that excited to actually *go* to class, but hey, you gotta make some concessions if you're going to attend college.