i wanna see some movies.
1. The Aristocrats
2. Ladies in Lavendar
3. Broken Flowers
4. March of the Penguins
5. Boondock Saints


Everybody has a good side. For some it's the left; for some it's the right. It's the side you should use for having your picture taken, or for the first time you meet a person, or for when you are trying to get something you want or need.

I've determined that at least for now, my good side is my right side. The problem with this is, any interactions that take place through the driver's side window always exhibit the left side. The natural extention of this discovery is that I can no longer go through drive-throughs, and if I ever get pulled over by a cop (knock on wood), I will most certainly get the ticket.

All of this was thought as I was pulling away from the drive-through at McDonalds.