I'm really going for an entire year. I'm not sure how I even got to this point. Really, I'm not even sure how I register for classes. Was I supposed to do it already? I'm pretty sure I do it when I get there, but what if I'm wrong?

I'm so freakin' excited and so incredibly nervous all at the same time. Plus, I have to pack. And then I have to fly. At least I'll have a week in LA. I think that will calm me down a bit and let me relax - Jeff can console me and tell me all the secrets about going to school in Tuebingen, Germany.

Travel plans keep developing every day. Ashley got plane tickets to see me in the wintertime, and we're going to go to the Weihnachtsmarkt in Munich and take part in a psychtrance dance. It's going to rock.

Off to find cheap airfare for in-Europe flights.
4 days. oh man oh man oh man oh man


HAHA! Napoleon Dynamite advertises for the Utah State Fair. (that was my favorite TV ad, and here's my favorite radio ad - the rest can be found here.)
You can't just find cake. Cake isn't naturally occuring.