I have an essay for a scholarship that I have to do by tonight so I can put it in the mail bin downstairs and send it on its merry way to get postmarked by the Feb. 20th postmark date and then on to New York, where a panel will review my application along with 300 others to see if I am worthy of the 650 Euro monthly stipend that they will grant to 20% of the applicant pool. Unfortunately, this means I have to write a good essay. AND they want it to be about academic goals and projects - they clearly state that they don't want to see three pages about "personal develpment" or "the broadening of horizons". But now that I start to think about it, doesn't mail get postmarked the day they send it out? so, if I put it in the mail tonight, will it get stamped tomorrow? I have no answer to this. But what I DO know, is that I am hopelessly idea-less when it comes to exactly what my academic goals are for Germany. What do I want to do there? I want to immerse myself in the German culture and make friends. I want to get away from Seattle for awhile and have the college experience in a college town. I don't even know if I want to take biology classes there, though that's my major and it makes sense that I would want to learn about biology in the context of another culture and another language. What, maybe the organic chemistry link can have something to do with it... I'm not terribly in love with o-chem but Germany *did* start the whole thing... and they were quite the innovators...

The reason I post rambling crap like this right now is because sometimes just writing without stop can be the way to unleash the creative juices. At the moment, I thnk the spigot's rusted over, because I don't even remember the last paper I had to write. This quarter has been all math and science. Last quarter, too, was mainly math and chem, with a German class thrown in here and there.

Ooh, I think I have ideas for my paper now. I'll probably be back on here in a bit.



My father has begun to READ MY BLOG. Is nothing sacred? I guess I should have seen it coming, though, since he's online all the time on his new screen name.


Choose a band or artist and answer only in their song titles:

Billy Joel

Are you male or female?: She's Always a Woman to Me

Describe yourself: Movin' Out

How do some people feel about you?: Don't Ask Me Why
How do you feel about yourself?: A Minor Variation

Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Piano Man
Describe where you want to be: The Downeaster Alexa

Describe what you want to be: An Innocent Man

Describe how you live: And So It Goes

Describe how you love: Keeping the Faith

Share a few words of wisdom: We Didn't Start the Fire


Dad just got an AIM screen name, and has put it to immediate good use:

Linnenwill67: Hey, go to bed you late night zombie you.
KillahKyla: haha I am going right now!! I am trying to convince this girl that she can write her own German paper without my help
Linnenwill67: You
Linnenwill67: are worse than Brett
KillahKyla: haha, Brett gets offers from people to have him write their papers?
Linnenwill67: Yeah, ussually in German.
KillahKyla: there must be a side to Brett that I have never before seen...
KillahKyla: ... the German-speaking, paper-writing side.


the new album of the week is Purity Guaranteed by Reverse Osmosis. I can't stop listening to "Lighted up" (lyrics in last post) or "Impermanent" or "Tattoo on her Heart"... man I love a cappella.

Speaking of which, I'm transcribing a song that needs to be done by Tuesday. This week also includes 3 midterms, 2 lab write-ups, and then all the regular stuff: 9 hours of labs, 10 hours of work, 13 hours of class. So, you might say that I need to get moving. And I'd agree. Time to go take a shower and then get to work.