Ok, real quick post here from my phone. For those of you who may already have heard, I will be taking an extended trip to Germany this spring. I'll be leaving on April 6 and returning on July 1. This means I'm spending the last 2.5 weeks in Seattle getting my stuff packed/sold/donated/moved, and saying goodbye to friends. If you are a friend who lives in Seattle and wants to bid me farewell (or good riddance! Or you want my possessions while I am away! Or all of the above!), I will let you know shortly where and when you can find me and buy me a beer. Hint: it will probably be at a bar somewhere.

Going to Germany is of course going to be totally rad. But I don't know exactly what I'll be doing there, as I have no employment lined up. So far my plans include visiting friends, family, and settling in Berlin for a little while. So if you have any leads on jobs or connections, holla atcha girl. Me. I'm your girl.

This blog, long dormant, will serve as a travel update diary of sorts. It's due for an overhaul, so when I find the time I will make sure to do that. I'm considering buying an iPad to take with me for easy updating purposes - anyone have any insight into the German WiFi network? Of course my iPhone is coming with me. It would get lonely here if I left it behind.

If you want to visit me in Berlin, you are certainly invited. May or June should be fine. Just let me know and we'll figure something out!