KillahKyla: 1. math homework
KillahKyla: 2.shower
KillahKyla: 3. nap
hanging onacliff: well, i'd say do the first one, then wait for me to show up for the other 2 ;-)
On the iPod today: "In My Life" by The Rasmus...
Because even if they are Finnish, they're better than Linkin Park.


BLIEAGH: did you watch american idol?
KillahKyla: nope
KillahKyla: no time tonight
KillahKyla: was it good
BLIEAGH: one guy was so amazing
BLIEAGH: and one girl was super hot
BLIEAGH: and good
BLIEAGH: but 16
BLIEAGH: so less hot?
KillahKyla: haha, way to make yourself not sound like a pedophile
BLIEAGH: yeah, I'm good at it?


This is a hoax:

I love my Bonsai Kitten!

Just read about it here: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/outrage/bonsai.htm


FINALLY got around to changing my template so that my comments are enabled. HAWT! So you guys can all leave me one. Or two. OR A BILLION.

Today I wanted to wring several necks. Here's a list:

Neck #1: My o-chem professor's, who decided to write an impossible test and then NOT show up on test day so we couldn't sulk in front of him. Furthermore, there are no more chem lectures this week. The entire week! He cancelled them ALL! Not that this is a bad thing; I think I quite like it. But still, he's giving us a chance to cool off for a week so that we don't jump him in class with switchblades or chloroform from the NMR machine. That's my theory, anyway.

Neck #2: If the NMR machine had a neck, I would have wrung it. Stupid thing didn't save my data and I'll have to spend another half hour of much-needed lab time to acquire it again. Also, it made me miss bio lecture.

Necks #3 and #4: Those of the girls who walked down the hall as Ashley was sitting outside her door, getting counseled by a friend over the phone. This would have been innocuous enough if it weren't for the fact that one of the girls' cell phones hadn't gone off loudly, prompting the guy on the other side of Ash's line to ask what the noise was. Ashley explained that it was just "some girl's cell phone going off loudly", which was a perfect explanation and not said rudely at all. As I listened from the study room where I was doing math homework, one of the girls rudely mimicked exactly what Ash had said, and then called her a name as they walked into their room and closed the door. I was shaking with rage as I left the study room to go stand in front of their door for a minute, wondering if I should have a little chat with "Casey" and "Dana" for being rude, unsympathetic morons who had no idea what kind of a bad day Ashley was having, and who had no basis for the comment they had made. Instead, I listened as they said something about "the stupid tall girl out in the hall" while they were in their room, and then I went and sat next to Ashley, deciding to let it slide even though I was still trembling with anger. But then, three minutes later, one of the idiots poked her head out the door. Usually I'm not one for confrontation, but this girl was asking for it as she requested in a snooty tone:
"Could you guys try and keep it down?"
I couldn't take it any more. "Could you try and be less of a bitch?"
The girl, looking a bit taken aback: "That wasn't me, that was my roommate."
My adrenaline was going. "Well, maybe you could please tell her to tone it down, then."
"Whatever, she started it." The girl motioned to Ash sitting on the floor.
"All she did was tell her friend on the phone what the noise was, because he asked. She didn't say it in a mean way."
"She rolled her eyes!"
Ash interjected: "I was laughing. I wasn't being mean..."
Me: "She was just explaining to her friend what the noise was about. Is that wrong?"
The girl: "Okay. Fine. Sorry 'bout that."
The door: SLAM.

Neck #4: Andy's, for being insensitive to anyone and everyone, but especially to females, and ESPECIALLY to Ashley.

Neck #5: Ashley's, for giving Andy another chance. But I don't really blame her for that. In fact, I'll change the "neck-wringing" thing to something less harsh: next time we share a pint of Haggen-Daas, I'm eating more than my fair share. So ha. :)

Well, now that I spent 20 minutes on that instead of on my studying, I guess it's time to go to bed. Why does the time after midnight seem to just fly by?


how can I possibly function on so little sleep?

Thursday I napped from 8 to 12:30, and then I stayed up until 6 doing my lab report. Finally I got to sleep for another 2 hours or so, skipping math AGAIN. Friday, I was going to go straight to bed after my lab ended at 7:30 but somehow I ended up going out with friends to the hookah bar. (Which was excellent, and I don't regret it, and I'm going back again sometime with friends. Definitely.) Slept from about 3 to maybe 11, and then it was time for my a cappella retreat at Samir's house. This was definitely worth the time and the effort - we started sounding really good by the end. We also had some much-needed bondage time over pizza, the movie Pootie Tang, and then later the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Hutch Theatre. It was a wonderful evening, and I finally got to bed around 3.

The next morning, I woke up at 10:30 on the dot, which is funny, because that's the exact time I was supposed to be at work. So Michelle's boyfriend drove me so I could get there asap (which was extremely nice of him and I need to get him a gift of thanks) and I worked. Thank goodness selling parking passes doesn't take a whole lot of thinking or consciousness.

After work, I was zonked out by 3:30, and despite my attempts to wake up to go study for o-chem, I didn't get up again until 8. So I spent the time between 8 and 2:00 am trying to absorb as much knowledge about o-chem as I could. Didn't help, though - our professor this quarter is insane and only tests on crap that's not in the book. bleh. At least I got out of work 75 minutes early today.

Well, two more midterms to study for (thursday math, friday bio), and also a math homework problem set and a lab write-up. Life these days is insane, but I'm trying my best to roll with it.

can't wait until summer.