I couldn't decide, so I guess I'm both:

You are SALUTE YOUR SHORTS. You are a wangsta who
knows business. You have fun in the sun and
know how to have a good laugh.

You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. She is a rad
chick with absolutely no fashion sense. If you
are a guy and chose this... you are gay.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?


mhall07cmc: did i tell you the gremlin story the other night?
KillahKyla: what? gremlin?
mhall07cmc: yeah
KillahKyla: no
mhall07cmc: a friend of mine was talking to a friend who has another friend at UT Austin
mhall07cmc: anyway, this person was doing acid for the first time
mhall07cmc: and so she and her friends decided to all go driving around at 4 am wasted out of their minds
mhall07cmc: so they were driving along and saw a gremlin running down the street
KillahKyla: oh man
mhall07cmc: so they chased it with their car for a while
KillahKyla: course
mhall07cmc: and then decided that it would be a good idea to capture it to take home and play with in the morning
mhall07cmc: so they threw some jackets on it
mhall07cmc: and put it in the back seat
mhall07cmc: and took it home
mhall07cmc: all the while it was going crazy,
mhall07cmc: as only gremlins can
KillahKyla: oh man, what was it???
mhall07cmc: so they locked it in their bathroom
mhall07cmc: and it was going nuts all night
mhall07cmc: and when they woke up in the morning they found a 4 year old girl in their bathroom
mhall07cmc: and now they are being prosecuted for kidnapping
mhall07cmc: yeah, i am
mhall07cmc: but it still doesn't answer the question of why a little girl would be running around a street that early in the morning