I found out last night at the review session that my final today is at 2.30, and not at 4.30 as I thought. Good thing I went to review session... otherwise I would be a very unhappy person today at 4.30. Very, very unhappy.

Last final! Can't wait to be done!

I found out that I might be working 5 shifts next week instead of four. This makes me mad, because Lauren, while a nice person, continuously lies to me about how much I'm going to work over break. Grr.

K, I'm going to write few more things on my study sheet (I get to take it into the test with me). Wish me luck...


Note to Self:

David and the Citizens - Let's Not Fall Apart.

Good stuff.
At the library now, and surprisingly, I actually have some motivation. Like, I actually want to learn the material, and not just for the test. Although, in all actuality, it'll end up being just for the test, since I'm learning it all today, and the test is tomorrow afternoon. I think my motivation comes from not doing any studying yesterday after my physics final, and also from having a good night's rest and having a nice, relaxing brunch at IHOP this morning with my boyfriend. :)

Anyway, I'm off to the upstairs realms of the library to find a cozy corner and settle down for a few hours to study the circulatory and respiratory systems. Hopefully I won't dream too much about how much fun the rest of the week after 6.30 pm tomorrow is going to be - lots of hanging out with friends, biking around Seattle, and going to various get-togethers of the holiday variety. Then a study session at 4 with the professor, and then back to studying solo. It'll be a good, productive day.

I'll post again in 29.5 hours, when I emerge from my bio final an emancipated and victorious woman.
I didn't know that "Internet" was a country.


I didn't think switching to the new version of Blogger would make my life signficantly easier. But since I use the same log-in now for both GMail and Blogger, it's more convenient to blog - I can do it right after I check my email without logging in twice.

Okay, so it doesn't make my life easier, really. It just makes blogging easier. Am I spelling "easier" right? It looks weird.

I just took my physics final. It was hard, hard, hard. Hopefully I did alright - but somehow that class really got away from me. I thought I was doing well, and then WHAM - angular acceleration and simple harmonic motion exploded and got the better of me. It didn't help that I couldn't sleep very well last night, either. At least I know what to do better for next quarter (the most obvious being "take tutorial more seriously").

Wow, it's been a long day and it's only 11 am. I get paid today for the parking job, so I'll go pick up my paycheck and then grab some food or something. Then I'll think about taking a nap before work at 4:30... but only if I have time. I have to get some bio studying in there, too. Otherwise it'll all be postponed until tomorrow, and I have to get going on it sooner than that, since the final is on Wednesday. Hmm, aren't we all glad we know what Kyla is up to.

Want to know why I had trouble sleeping last night? I was thinking of all the things that I want to do in Seattle, but hardly ever do since I'm always bogged down with work and school. I got to thinking about this because Brad invited me last-minute to go watch live bluegrass after work. Since I had my bike and I couldn't do much more to prepare for my physics final anyway, I decided to go. Plus, Brad said they started at about 8 and would be done around 11, and we got off work at 10, so we'd missed most of it anyway. It was good music, and nice to just sit there with Brad and have a pint and listen to music for a bit. Then when I went to Jeff's later, we looked at old pictures of us on Facebook that Ronda took in Europe. The silly expressions on our faces and the sights of the different cities caused the memories to start flooding back, and I just started laughing. Uncontrollably. I laughed, and I laughed, and Jeff wondered what was wrong with me, and I kept laughing. In hindsight, I think it was a round of hysterics, because I realized that there are things that I want to include in my life, things that bring me joy, and that my life, as it stands at this moment, does not have time for many of these things. Moreover, I love doing things that require high energy levels, and I almost never have that either due to school and work.

So I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of all the things I really want to do here in Seattle: go to the symphony, feed the ducks at Greenlake, ride my bike EVERYWHERE, shop on Capitol Hill, go to the Rocky Horror Picture show, see Twisted Flicks at Jet City Improv, go to the Russian baths downtown, find perfect reading spots, see the sunset at Golden Gardens, work out at the IMA, listen to local live bands and go to more shows. There's just so much, and it all ran through my head last night.

So in short, I'm still working on finding a balance, and I want to be able to strike that balance soon. Hopefully I'll have time over Winter Break to do some of these things that I love but never have the time or energy for. And maybe I'll use some of that free time to dream up ways to find a sustainable balance.


I just went to the fridge for a refreshing glass of sparkling pink lemonade. I got the bottle out, removed the cap, and promptly poured the juice into a bowl.

I bet when I was little, when I thought about how I would be when I grew up, I never thought I'd end up to be THIS cool.

**Edit: Heavy sarcasm is hidden in that last line. See if you can find it.**