I skipped my 2 morning classes today to work on a really hard ecology assignment. Horray!

I got a package in the mail today from my lovely German host family! Complete with pictures, CDs and Haribo! Hooray!

I'm going to eat a quiche, go to class and get my stuff done, and then come home and nap! HOORAY!


As I've mentioned before, I usually don't remember anything from work unless it really stands out. Tonight, there was one such occurence worth remembering because it was simply hilarious:

Two girls came through my line. They were sharing a cart. One girl unloaded her groceries, which was a small portion of what was in the cart (perhaps 1/5 of the load). Max at the time was bagging for me, and we were talking employee-talk to each other. I said "hi" to the girls, and asked if they had two separate orders. They said "yes", and the girl with the larger order commented that her friend was leaving her to buy most of the groceries. I said that meant that she got to eat more of the food. The girl laughed, but then said she had also given her friend dinner the night before. And that's where things got really awesome:
Me: "Well, I guess we all know who wears the pants in this relationship."
Max: "Kyla, we're all wearing pants here."
Me: "Um" (looking down at his legs) "you're not wearing any pants."
(The girls are laughing)
Max: "You just took that to a weird place."
(The girls are turning red from laughing at this point)

So that made my night. That, and quoting this video: